The following statement was released by the Food Standard Agency on 20 June 2003:


Statement on Pan Pharmaceuticals products

Friday, 20 June 2003

The Food Standards Agency is today updating information on products made by the Australian company Pan Pharmaceuticals, some of which have been on sale in the UK. The company, which made food supplements, herbal products and medicines, had its manufacturing licence suspended by the Australian authorities due to a series of serious safety and quality control breaches.

The Agency is not aware of any health problems reported in connection with the food supplements, non-licensed medicines and herbal products that have been supplied to the UK by Pan Pharmaceuticals. However, as a precautionary measure, anyone who has any of the products listed below should not use them as there are uncertainties surrounding their production.

While these products should no longer be on sale, this cannot be guaranteed, and people may still have some in their homes. The Agency has been liaising with food supplement importers, trade associations and local authorities to get the most up-to-date and accurate information on these products. Details are given below.

Food supplements manufactured by Pan Pharmaceuticals and known to have been distributed to UK since May 2002

Kordel's Celery 3000
Kordel's Echinacea 6000 tablets
Kordel's Echinacea/garlic tablets
Kordel's Garlic 3000
Kordel's Glucosamine & Ginger Complex
Kordel's Intestoactive
Kordel's Juniortime tablets
Kordel's Just for Women tablets
Kordel's Megatime Multi's tablets
Kordel's MSM, Glucosamine and Silica tablets
Kordel's Nutritime
Kordel's Quiet Time
Kordel's Silica 500
Kordel's Sports Multi's tablets

Healthwise Acid-free C tablets
Healthwise Bee Slim
Healthwise Calcium 223mg
Healthwise Dolomite 500mg tablets
Healthwise High Potency Multi Vit & Minerals
Healthwise Pantothenic Acid B5
Healthwise Selenium 25 & ACE
Healthwise Space Vits tablets
Healthwise Vitamin B6
Healthwise Vitamin C 1000mg
Healthwise Vitamin C 500mg
Healthwise Zinc Gluconate

Products that only have specific batch numbers affected
Thompson Calcium for Women tablets, batch number 6081
Thompson Cod Liver Oil capsules, batch number 6160
Thompson Menopause Support capsules, batch number 6027
Thompson Pregnaforte, batch number 6085/6061
Thompson Skin Hair & Nails capsules, batch number 5497
Thompson Women's Multi tablets, batch number 6083

Other products possibly supplied to UK: no information on UK distribution known
Pan Pharmaceuticals Joint Ease Formula tablet
Pan Pharmaceuticals New Bowel Care capsule
Pan Pharmaceuticals Vein-X tablet
Pan Pharmaceuticals MobilEze Forte capsule

NB: there are other similarly named products on sale, but only those with these specific brand names are affected.