The ANH joined its Norwegian affiliates, Fritt Helsevalg, at Oslo's CAM Show, sharing a booth over the weekend of 17-18 November.

Norwegian citizens are rightly concerned by the actions of their government. Although Norway has decided to not join the European Union, its government continues to follow elements of European law with a stringency almost unparalleled within Europe. This is particularly the case when it comes to matters of natural health.

Dr Rob Verkerk, the ANH’s executive and scientific director, took part in a consumer forum organised by Fritt Helsevalg, which included Scott Tips of the US-based National Health Federation and Norwegian nutritionist and health magazine editor, Dag Poleszynski.

The ANH found once again that even oppressive Norwegian vitamin laws had done little to dampen the Viking spirit, that was very much alive among supporters of Fritt Helsevalg. During the Fritt Forum on Saturday afternoon, consumers told of how they felt compelled to break Norwegian laws to help support their health and that of their families. They would do this by crossing the border into Sweden and buying higher potency natural health products that are unavailable in Norway. During the forum, a fascinating discussion emerged over the issue of such law breaking, and it was agreed that where a moral or human right was interfered with by a given law, there was in effect a moral requirement to break such laws, particularly if not breaking them would endanger the health of those close to you.