The Forum for Natural Health - a voice for change at the ESF

The Forum for Natural Health, the brainchild of Danish organisations MayDay and LNS-National Organisation for Natural Health, is the umbrella name given to a collaboration of eight European organisations and NGOs dedicated to raising awareness and bringing about positive change to the way in which Europeans can access nature and all she has to offer.

Meleni Aldridge, Development Manager, is representing the ANH and presenting a lecture and a workshop on Sunday 21st Sept, 9.30—12.30 pm, alongside representatives from the other eight organisations.

From left to right: Paul Anthony Taylor (Dr Rath Health Foundation), Peter Wilhelmsson (Alpha Plus, Sweden) and Meleni Aldridge (ANH).


The eight organisations represented by the Forum for Natural Health are:

Alliance for Natural Health

Biodynamic Consumer Association

The Danish Visionary Party

Dr Rath Health Foundation


Holistic Health

LNS—National Organisation for Natural Health


From left to right standing: Charlotte Ryo (LNS, MayDay), Vera Marcher (Chairwoman LNS), Paul Anthony Taylor (Dr Rath Health Foundation), Joseph Blytner (LNS), Anders Sultan (Ion-Silver, Sweden), Thomas Göing (Action ELIANT).  Seated: Kirsten Andersen (LNS), Lars Mikkelsen (Biodynamisk, Vision Party).


What is the European Social Forum?

The European Social Forum (ESF) is the regional counterpart of the World Social Forum and interestingly it's the same age as the ANH, having been first held in Florence, Italy, in 2002 and lastly in Athens, Greece, in 2006.  The forums have been attended by over 150,000 participants and have brought together thousands of organisations, networks and NGOs determined to make another Europe possible.  However, until now there has never been a voice representing the plight of the natural health industry and our loss of health freedoms, due to the raft of EU legislation we've seen since the Food Supplements Directive raised it's ugly head in 2002.

From September 17th to 21st, 2008, the ESF is being held in Malmö, in the south of Sweden.  The forum is by far the biggest meeting place for social movements and a progressive civil society in Europe—with the aim to create a better Europe and a better world.  More than 20,000 people are expected to participate in Malmö and during five days over 200 seminars and workshops will be mixed with culture, film, music, informal meetings, activism and demonstrations.



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