ANH launches two new campaign areas

DORKING, UK — The Alliance for Natural Health has today launched two new campaigns.

Each represents a very controversial issue relating to the use of biotechnology although the two issues are surprisingly interconnected.

Both are being pushed down our throats by governments and the industries responsible for them, via supremely well-greased PR machines.

Both have big question marks over their safety, yet there have been elaborate attempts, in both cases, to discredit the scientists that first flagged concerns and to cover up their findings.

Both these issues could also—potentially—have very significant implications to our health. And not only to our own, but generally even more so to that of the youngest and least independent members of our society—children. And it is after all our young ones who need to face the consequences of whatever decisions those responsible for them take.

The two issues are; genetically modified (GM) foods and vaccination.

You can find our two new campaign pages via the hyperlinks below:

Many of us feel that our ability to make informed choices about these issues is hampered by the bias and misrepresentation in the media. There is little doubt that the industrial sectors that are pushing these technologies, namely the pharmaceutical/vaccine/biotech industry and the biotech/agri-business industry know a thing or two about media manipulation.

Our two new campaigns are about raising awareness among those interested, or maybe even passionate, about natural health. We are trying to bring you information that allows you to make more informed choices. We are also trying to counter some of the bias that is rampant in the general media.

We consider this expansion of our focus to be a necessity given the seriousness of the challenges around us. We hope it might help more and more people to connect the dots and see how far we're being pulled away from our natural, evolutionary heritage.

Many of us may now be living in a post-democratic age, but we are only susceptible to unelected bureaucrats and greedy industries if we behave, consume and think in the ways that they have pre-determined for us.

We urge you to explore our various campaigns and make your own choices.

We need as much help as possible to achieve the ambitions objectives we have set ourselves to help reform the scientific and legal framework for natural health. If you like what we do, please get involved


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