The threats posed by genetically modified (GM) food, and its ability to take over the global food system, are seriously upon us. The powers that be in the EU are making backroom deals with biotech companies and EU citzens are being railroaded into accepting genetically modified foods against their will. The time for action is now. If you live in the EU, make your voice heard before it’s too late. We, as consumers, have the power to to stop this madness. 

Threats to human health

There is a wealth of robust scientific evidence to show that direct consumption of GM food—and also indirect consumption via animal produce fed on GM feed—poses serious risks to human health and the environment.  GM represents probably the biggest uncontrolled experiment ever conducted by humans and we in the ANH Intl office are not happy about being unwitting guinea pigs.

According to the European Feed Manufacturers' Association, 85% of the EU's compound feed production is now labelled as containing GM or GM-derived material (FSA, 2009). Apart from the travesty to animals, this makes it almost impossible for EU citizens to avoid GM food. Whilst making organic choices is one way to go, contamination is going to become a very real problem if widespread GM agriculture is allowed across Europe. 

A call to immediate action

A new EU initiative allows 1 million EU citizens the unique opportunity to make official requests of the European Commission. Taking immediate advantage of the initiative is campaign organisation Avaaz. Avaaz have a petition to unite a million European voices for a ban on GM foods until further research is completed.  We wholeheartedly support their efforts and urge you to sign this important petition. Please tell everyone you know to do so too.  Together we can achieve the 1 million target and ensure our voices send a resounding NO to the bureaucrats in Brussels.

For more information

To educate yourself further on the potential health and environmental impact of GM, visit our ‘Say No to GM’ campaign page.  

Please don’t be an unwitting guinea pig! Make sure you pass this on to everyone you know in Europe.  


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