Next week (26th January 2011) the ANH are involved in a very exciting debate that we thought may interest many of you. Named the Hygeia Symposium, it is an opportunity to exchange views on new models, modalities and philosophies of healthcare, that are urgently needed, with a distinguished panel.

The panel consists of some of the leading lights and thinkers in the world of natural healthcare that the UK has to offer. Not only does it bring together some of the UK’s most experienced natural physicians, it also includes leading academics and professionals wholly committed to advancing natural healthcare in today’s world. ANH-Intl’s Dr Robert Verkerk is one of several of the key participants.

Many will agree that mainstream healthcare seems to have lost its way; being unsustainable, relying heavily on synthetic chemicals and paying, in most cases, little more than lip service to disease prevention. Like many others, we at the ANH, feel strongly that people should be allowed to manage their everyday health using natural methods of healing. Dr Harald Gaier, one of the UK’s leading naturopaths and the convener of the Hygeia Symposium, is also a firm believer in this fundamental right. He felt it was high time that the seemingly contradictory issues that, on one hand, cause so many to passionately support natural healthcare and, on the other hand, work to prevent mainstream adoption, get aired properly. Pulling great minds together, and getting them to explore the key issues that affect the wider adoption of natural approaches to healthcare is what the Hygeia Symposium is all about.

If these are issues that are dear to you, please consider coming along and participating in the debate. The proceedings will be recorded and published on the Internet. This is also just the first of a series of debates that we think will set up important and positive shock waves of change. We’d love to see you there.

Please see a pdf of the invitation for details about the date, payment and whereabouts of the Hygeia Symposium.


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