Bad news is everywhere and the world is spiralling into a new Dark Age. At least, that’s what many would have us believe. People in fear are easier to control. We’d like to propose that, in fact, the continuous deluge of revelations is part of a ‘great revealing’ occurring at an unprecedented time in human evolution – and that the true test is what humanity will do with all the information.

The great reveal

Why do we say this? Well, we have, over recent years, witnessed an unprecedented outpouring of revelations that the self-appointed elite would much rather have kept under wraps. Some have been more visible than others, and the motivations and backgrounds of individuals concerned may be questionable at times, but the overall result is that informed people now have a very different view of the world around them. More importantly, they are using their newly informed worldview to make new choices, alert others, form networks and hasten the pace of change. The momentum will soon be unstoppable – if it isn’t already.

To illustrate the point, here is a list of some of the most important, game-changing stories that have emerged in recent years. It’s unavoidably incomplete for reasons of space, but we believe it more than makes our case.


  • We now know that Western governments operate enormous domestic surveillance networks, with the capability to monitor our every online communication and record it all for later analysis. Edward Snowden is only the most recent person to blow the whistle on these activities, which were revealed in more detail by people like Russell Tice way before Snowden. As the most public whistleblower, however, it is only right that questions are asked about Snowden’s background – which the mainstream media has predictably left to the blogosphere. These questions throw up some worrying anomalies, which should make people ask whether Snowden is telling the full story
  • It’s a similar tale with Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Wikileaks has been responsible for plenty of huge news stories in recent years, not least the Bradley Manning saga and Assange’s protracted stay at the Ecuadorian embassy in London following rape allegations. As with Snowden, questions about Assange/Wikileaks’ motivations continue to swirl. At the very least, Manning, via Wikileaks, has shown the watching world that the US government commits war crimes, and persecutes those who act on their conscience by revealing them
  • Speaking of war crimes, we also know all about the lies that took the UK, US and many others to war in Iraq, and which support the so-called ‘war on terror’. In truth, governments are forced to lie whenever they go to war, because the true motivations for war are often very different from the public justifications given by politicians. This truth is now better understood than at any time in human history
  • Although, for obvious reasons, this one hasn’t gone mainstream, those who care to look are only too aware that major media ownership is now concentrated in startlingly few hands – estimated at five in the US in 2004
  • Media consolidation at least partly explains the unstinting support given by the media to politicians economical with the truth, especially when there’s a war to be promoted
  • Even mainstream media outlets are being forced to face the reality than many so-called ‘terror’ plots involve government agencies, leading millions to question the entire premise of the ‘war on terror’
  • Scandals like that of UK television personality Jimmy Savile are exposing not only paedophilia in high places, but official and governmental collusion to protect the perpetrators – much as prior scandals like the Dutroux affair in Belgium

Financial system

  • We know that insane manipulations in banking go beyond subprime mortgages to...well, everything really. To prop up this jaw-droppingly corrupt system, the European Union (EU) may be about to institute an EU-wide ‘bail-in’ by stealth, whereby certain investors will have money taken from their accounts in order to rescue failed banks. It has already happened in Cyprus
  • The rabbit hole of the world financial system goes way deeper than even this, however. More and more people are waking up to the slavery imposed on humanity by mechanisms including fiat money, fractional reserve banking, central banking and even the charging of interest


  • We have learned that institutional amorality – at best – is the norm in the pharmaceutical industry
  • People like Maria Angell, once editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, and even arch-skeptic Dr Ben Goldacre, have told us that huge amounts of medical research is fraudulent, fixed or flawed
  • At the same time, increasing numbers of people are resisting the ongoing push to regulate natural healthcare out of existence, thus pushing everyone into the arms of orthodox medicine and the amoral pharma industry
  • More and more people are asking questions of the cancer establishment, its stubborn reliance on poisons, radiation and surgery, its persecution of non-believers and its utter failure for many unusual cases – not to mention the flawed science at its core

GMOs and corporate control

  • The worldwide campaign against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been an unprecedented success, despite the billions poured into it by biotech companies like Monsanto, keen to secure control over the world’s food supply
  • As a side benefit from the anti-GMO campaign, the shady activities of Monsanto and other biotech companies are being scrutinised like never before. Shocking examples of crony capitalism like the ‘Monsanto rider’ have set ‘Millions Against Monsanto’
  • Although corporations may still run the world, in concert with governments via ‘revolving door’ arrangements, this fundamental truth is being realised and challenged worldwide as never before. The corporate paradise that was last year’s London Olympics woke even more people up to how even the greatest ideals can be debased in the modern era

We could go on...

But we won’t. Suffice it to say that, rather than the bleak picture these events could paint, it portends that things are changing, and fast. And they’re changing because people around the world are waking up and saying “no” to the kind of world created by greed, power and corporate control. The going may be a bit bumpy for a little while longer, but in the long run, we know that the future we are creating will be enormously brighter, lighter and more respectful to the planet, humanity and each other than the one we’re turning from. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – 2013 is the year of community. Together we are stronger. What will you choose?


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