A recent groundbreaking prostate cancer seminar entitled “The Power of Choice”, produced by integrated oncology charity Yes to Life and sponsored by the Really Healthy Company, brought together clinicians, patients and health journalists to discuss options for prostate cancer. Speakers shared key advances and breakthroughs from the most promising non-mainstream interventions, which further underpin the influence of diet and lifestyle on the disease. The seminar took place at the Royal College of Physicians in London and was hosted by renowned BBC Broadcaster, Sheila Dillon.

Vital anti-cancer strategy

The clinicians included Professor Ben Pfeifer, who shared patient data analyzed over a period of 14 years, oncologist Dr Robert Thomas presenting the results of his recent trials on Pomi-T and Dr Damien Downing, who set out a range of options for people with prostate cancer. In addition, leading UK health journalist Jerome Burne introduced the subject of ketogenics, and Sheila Dillon, host of BBC Radio 4’s “The Food Programme”, highlighted the key role of food and nutrition in anti-cancer strategies. Unusually, individual patient experiences were also featured, highlighting cases where diet and lifestyle interventions had created a seminal turning point in their healing.

Jenny Phillips BSc attended and reported on the day’s proceedings. She asked the important question: “Whilst the individual case studies were hugely interesting, what does the clinical data show in respect of integrative cancer care?” Her answer was highly positive: “We were privileged to hear from three clinicians, all of whom used data to show convincingly that nutritional and lifestyle therapies can play a vital role in an anti-cancer strategy”.

Unstoppable momentum

Jenny summarised the unstoppable momentum that events like this capture and further inspire. “Integrative healthcare isn’t going away. There are too many of us who have seen the light and are mobilising ourselves to help more people to help themselves. We need our medics to be part of this process – and so to bring together the very best of conventional and complementary treatments”.

Long proponents of the power of epigenetics over genetics in both health prevention and healing, we have written much over the years about the influence of nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle factors on chronic disease. A year ago, we featured the documentary on prostate cancer created by Peter Starr out of his own journey back to health. His message is still as current today as it was then: “You can change the outcome of your disease by changing your lifestyle”. Highly recommended watching for any man over 40, but the tenets of nutrition and lifestyle intervention are applicable no matter your gender, age or state of health.

You can find more information on Yes to Life events and a copy of some of the presentations online. And watch this space for breaking news on a combined ANH-Intl / Yes to Life event in 2014…


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