Download ANH-Intl’s 10-point smart guide to supermarket shopping!

You know the basics of healthy eating. You go to the supermarket with good intentions. As you enter the shiny world that is your local supermarket, you’re assaulted with colours, smells and clever packaging all designed to lure you into buying the latest health promoting ‘food’. As you wander round the aisles perusing the delights that lay on the shelves, you can become mesmerised, a little distracted and all thoughts of those lovely healthy eating guidelines fade into the background as you reach out for the latest ‘food’ offering. The 5 items you went in for become 15, 10 of which you had no intention of buying!

Sound familiar? For many of us we have lost touch with the food we eat and where it comes from. We've been conditioned to expect quick-to-prepare foods, that look and taste wonderful, but that often lack the essential nutrients we need. Rather than buying local, seasonal foods we expect to be able to get strawberries all year round and find everything we need in one shop.

How then, do we resist all those gorgeous looking items and buy foods that will provide the nourishment and nutrients our bodies need to be vital, alive and that promote health?

In a re-recording of his talk from Sunday 9th July at Love Natural Love You at Olympia in London, Rob Verkerk, Founder, executive and scientific director, introduces the ANH-Intl 10-point smart guide for supermarket shopping and briefly guides you through each point to help you make better health choices when you’re next in the supermarket.


Click the image below to download a copy of the ANH-Intl ‘Top 10 tips to help you Eat Your Way to Better Health’

Read more about our Food4Health campaign and healthful eating guidelines.

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