Big name doctors highlight Big Food & Big Pharma collusion in EU Parliament

As ANH-Intl prepares to release its draft position paper ‘A Blueprint for health system sustainability in the UK’, doctors from the UK and EU are joining forces on a discussion panel at the European Parliament on Thursday 12th April 2018. The action is to highlight the impact of the heavy influence of Big Pharma and Big Food on healthcare policies worldwide. Through a “unified show of force” their intention is to expose major conflicts of interest that have “hijacked evidence-based medicine” and spread an “epidemic of misinformation”. The panel is being led by British cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra along with Sir Richard Thompson, Dr Carl Heneghan and Dutch doctor Prof Hanno Pijl. In a message closely aligned to that of ANH-Intl, the panel will argue that the current burden of chronic disease is largely preventable and that there is another way that will reduce the economic burden and give citizens back control of their own health.

UK crowd-funding initiative to support sustainable healthcare in Ethiopia

In line with ANH-Intl’s vision of a sustainable health system, we share a crowdfunding opportunity to prevent avoidable deafness and death from ear disease in Ethiopia where drugs are not an option. Training local doctors to treat ear disease will help to prevent avoidable deafness and even death from conditions that we take for granted in the developed world. The initiative has been brought by a non-profit organisation committed to creating sustainable improvements to the medical and surgical care of people with ear disease worldwide. Currently there is only 1 ear, nose and throat surgeon to 4.5 million people in Ethiopia, only 23 in the whole country. One hundred percent of the required £1,500 from the initiative will go to building the first temporal bone laboratory which will be able to treat patients and train doctors, literally transforming lives without drugs. If this sustainable healthcare initiative resonates for you, please visit the Just Giving page and make a donation.

Vaccine hesitancy group censored in Australia

Australian Health Minister, Greg Hunt has been true to his word to start limiting Australian citizen’s access to information from vaccine hesitant groups. Rather than promoting open and transparent discussions to allow citizens to make informed decisions about health care, authorities are instead opting to censor organisations that question the official line that vaccines are ‘safe’ in direct opposition to freedom of choice. If you believe health authorities should not be allowed to dogmatically state vaccines are safe, please sign and share our petition. It is every person’s inalienable right to make their own health choices and to be given sufficient information/education to give fully informed consent with unbiased scientific consideration.

Sudden death attributed to HPV vaccine – landmark case!

Christina Richelle Tarsell died in June 2008. Initially brushed off as unexplained, her family have spent the 10 years since fighting for an answer as to why a previously healthy girl had died so suddenly and tragically. After extensive investigation by world-class experts in immunology and electrophysiology it was soon discovered to be a result of an autoimmune response to the HPV vaccine – which Christina had received only days previously. Armed with this new, damning information, her family have led an 8-year battle, fighting for recognition and justice. In a precedent-setting case the US government have at last recognised the HPV vaccine as the primary instigator in Christina’s loss of life. In light of this ruling, and the severity of adverse reactions being reported, now is the time for health authorities to listen to concerns, review the safety of the HPV vaccine and avert the possibility of more avoidable deaths.

GMO by the backdoor

Organisms manipulated using genome editing technology CRISPR have been genetically modified. However, US authorities are quietly approving plants that have subsequently been “gene edited” without sufficient scrutiny on safety, both for health and the environment. The USDA secretary has stated that the “USDA does not regulate or have any plans to regulate plants that could otherwise have been developed through traditional breeding techniques as long as they are not plant pests or developed using plant pests.” Once again authorities are pushing through new technologies with little or no knowledge of either their safety or how they may affect other species if they cross-pollinate with wild varieties – especially in consideration of how numerous past efforts have led to widespread negative effects environmentally and in our own health.

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