Our adult and children Food4Health healthy eating guidelines, updated in May 2018, have received very positive responses, especially from practitioners, and are a valuable resource for nutrition practices. They are available as downloads, and you may use the content as you like provided that you always clearly attribute it to Alliance for Natural Health International, including the date and a link to the original content. They are backed up by supporting articles and scientific references.

You can buy our Food4Health Guidelines in two handy leaflets:

ANH-Intl’s ‘Food and You’ handy pull-out shopping guide: part of our Tools for Practitioners’ Toolkit series

ANH-Intl’s ‘Food and You’ leaflet has been specifically designed as a client handout.  You may not be able to accompany your clients to the supermarket, but you can give them this handy guide to take with them.  It clearly illustrates ANH-Intl’s adult and children’s Food4Health Guidelines, as well as a clear justification for the health benefits of ‘eating a rainbow’ every day — including the list of vegetables and fruits that make up nature’s 6-colour palette.  This is an attractive, simple, practical and information-rich resource for you to give to your clients as a daily reminder of what a healthy, anti-inflammatory, evolutionarily-rational, plate looks like.

ANH-Intl’s ‘What’s on Your Plate’ comparison handout: part of our Tools for Practitioners’ Toolkit series

This comparison handout has been specifically designed to help you show your clients how government healthy eating guidelines differ from the guidelines designed by independent scientists.  This educational tool depicts the UK, US and Harvard food plates, alongside ANH-Intl’s Food4HealthGuidelines.  Seen side by side, the differences are clear to see.  On the back is a comparison chart which uses a simple traffic light system of red, amber and green to show which of the four plates ticks the key health boxes and the explanation as to why.  Leverage your client-facing time with this clear, pictorial handout that supports client education and helps making the right food choices more rational.

The leaflets can be purchased direct from us or via your Natural Dispensary practitioner account.

For more detailed information, the full reference list, articles and resources relevant to this guide please visit www.anhinternational.org or contact Melissa Smith, outreach & development officer, on [email protected].

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Food4Health Guidelines

>>> Download ANH's Food4Health Plate (for adults and children aged over 6)

Food4Kids Guidelines

>>> Download ANH's Food4Kids Guidelines (for children aged 1-6)

Carb Junkie vs metabolically flexible, fat-adapted and resilient human

>>> Download ANH's Carb Junkie vs metabolically flexible, fat-adapted and resilient human poster (for clients/patients)

Our poster “Carb Junkie vs metabolically flexible, fat-adapted and resilient human” has been designed to help practitioners to help clients or patients make better use of the 4 energy pathways available to them if they are to develop metabolic flexibility and resilience – keys, of course, to long-term health and wellness.


Buy a copy of our book RESET EATING. This is the perfect book to help your clients implement your recommendation and their food into powerful medicine. Please contact us on [email protected] if you would like to buy multiple copies of the book.

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Selected references supporting the ANH-Intl Food4Health Guidelines