We've had a long tradition, spanning the 18 years of our existence, of finishing the year with a round-up. We've never before had a professional media team to help us. So this year, we've created a pastiche of the year - in video, the medium of the moment.

2020 is going to be unforgettable for so many reasons, not least of all because so much that has happened has been both extraordinary and unprecedented. There've been such highs and lows. There's been such solidarity, alongside such division. So many of us have suffered similar fates, learning what it's like to have freedoms withdrawn, ones we'd only a few weeks earlier taken for granted. But above all, the human spirit remains undefeated.

Our short video pastiche rounds up some of our key highlights from this year, ending with a personal message from us to you. And before you look at the video (below), we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and sharing you've offered during the course of the year, that role having become ever more important as communication via social media platforms has been ever more restricted. 


"2020 may have felt like an ordeal for many of us, but it's brought so many of us together, given us focus, and provided the basis that will help us jointly create a new reality for 2021, one that is in tune with humanity and the natural world. Our greatest challenges also bring the greatest potential for change. May our united vision and focus for 2021 create the world we all want to live in. Thank you for your support throughout 2020, together we truly are unstoppable."



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