We’re very excited to show you the fruits of our collaboration with 17-year-old Jesse Hawkes, who worked with us as an intern. Jesse is deeply concerned about the state of the planet and how its dominant species aims to halt the damage and start the recovery. She knows that many ‘solutions’ offered to us are just greenwashing. She understands that right at the heart of our multi-faceted problems are the political and economic systems that drive business, technology and politics. Her mental flexibility, articulation and passion shone through during the time she spent with us. We know she’ll go far and will do very well at university in Scotland, the home of this year’s COP talks, where she’s reading geography.

Whatever your feelings about the talking shop that was COP26, Jesse now offers her message to us all. It’s refreshingly different from the appeals of Greta Thunberg. Jesse has a crucially important message for all of us that requires us to think critically, to think big, to think systems. More than anything, we hope enough of her generation gets to hear what she has to say and gains inspiration from it.

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