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A hit piece published by the often progressive, UK-based new media outlet UnHerd, lays into the notion that Alzheimer's prevention is a thing. Especially when delivered via the Bredesen Protocol, the multi-factor prevention approach developed by Dale Bredesen MD of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

The article also talks of "wonder drugs, lecanemab and donanemab, expected to arrive on the market soon".

It reminds us where most people are in their understanding of the current status of AD research and clinical practice: AD is an inevitable consequence of aging, it's unpredictable and there is neither a cure or a way of preventing it happening. Anyone who suggests AD can be prevented is a quack.

This view is just plain wrong. The reality is that there is a massive machine out there, including pharma companies, Alzheimer's disease (AD) charities, captured university researchers and health authorities, that doesn't want a considerable and growing body of research and clinical data on Alzheimer's prevention from seeing the light of day. Dale Bredesen is just one cog in a much bigger machine that's been hard at work on this for decades.

Enter, British nutritionist, researcher and educator, Patrick Holford, a long-time ANH friend and ally. Yes, he's written a book about it—one of a staggering 47 he has authored. This one's called Upgrade Your Brain. Contained in its 343 pages are the very things you need to know to identify the changes that lead to AD and prevent your decline into full-blow AD.

Patrick's latest book garners the wisdom accumulated over the last few years working with the world's leading scientists and doctors in the field of AD prevention. It's all there—in 8 steps—including tests you can do to determine which actions you should take and how you're progressing in stabilising or reversing cognitive decline and brain shrinkage, both being key precursors to AD proper.

Earlier this week, our founder Rob Verkerk had a chat with Patrick about the incredible initiative he's set up with this extraordinary array of AD prevention specialists; Alzheimer's Prevention Day, scheduled for 15 May. Listen to Patrick and Rob's conversation in the recording below.

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The reason so much research on AD has failed to deliver drugs that work is that the research has failed to look at the causes, or it has misidentified the cause, as was the case with years of focus on amyloid plaque while ignoring, for example, the role of phosphorylated tau protein (pTau). The AD specialists have agreed there are ultimately 4 causes of AD, and Patrick refers to these as the 4 horsemen: brain fats, methylation, glycation and oxidation.

We couldn't help creating the image below, based on Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov's 1887 rendition of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 


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