Diet & lifestyle is the best way to prevent communicable diseases – Benjamin Brown ND

Benjamin Brown is an Australian born naturopathic physician, who's internationally-acclaimed and well-recognised for his many contributions to the field of nutritional science and health. Known for his breadth of knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge and help fellow practitioners, this month Meleni turned the tables to ask him about his journey into the natural health world and how it's defined his life.

Dr Brown is currently Director of the UK-based, Nutritional Medicine Institute, set-up to facilitate continuing professional development and education for health professionals, as well as publish a new nutritional science journal, Nutritional Medicine. He's published a number of scientific papers over the years and is also involved with the food supplements industry.

Like so many other integrative health professionals, Ben found his way into a healing profession through his own health issues, which started at a young age. When conventional medicine could offer no resolution, he was recommended to see a naturopathic doctor - and his fate was sealed!

Meleni and Ben’s conversation traverses a number of issues, from his own journey to the myriad uses of vitamin C to counter many health issues, along with the reluctance of mainstream medicine to use what is an extremely effective and safe intervention; to the hijacking of research science and his commitment to educating health professionals and making real nutritional science freely available; to his top tips on improving resilience and views on the recent study findings that there’s no link between a ‘chemical imbalance’ and depression. 

For the health professionals in our audience, he shares how the Nutritional Medicine Institute came to be and was brought to life despite the pandemic. Its first in-person event since the coronavirus crisis takes place in London in October 2022. The event will also be recorded, which will be available to purchase after the event.

The Nutritional Medicine Journal was launched earlier this year with its first edition published in March. The journal is free to access for authors wishing to publish papers and free for all to read. Ben is extremely passionate about countering the problems associated with the revolving door between scientific research and big business that have really come to the fore in the recent years. He hopes to help restore trust in science and the process of publishing research with this new journal.


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