As a founding affiliate of this new coalition, we’re thrilled to announce the imminent launch of a new, leading non-profit, delivering proven solutions to improve the world’s health. The World Council for Health (WCH) has been set up to make the latest information on cutting-edge covid-19 treatment and prevention available to citizens the world over.

Making introductions

WCH is a global coalition of independent doctors and forward-thinking health professionals, supported by scientists and lawyers, who share a deep belief that good health is everyone’s inherent, inalienable right.

One of the greatest travesties of the past 18 months is the notion that’s been seeded globally that your health choices are no longer your own. That you must submit to the will of government and give up your health rights for the sake of others. “Save Granny” is one insidious example of the kind of behavioural manipulations foisted on an unwitting public.  It does away with sovereignty and introduces bucket loads of unnecessary fear and guilt - two of the most disempowering human emotions capable of taking us down.

The WCH is being established to help you take back control of your health by advocating on your behalf and making the best, most relevant, health science research from around the world directly available to you via its website.

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Why this initiative is so needed right now

The data from the UK, USA, Israel and elsewhere are converging on the notion that the covid vaccines aren’t doing much to stop transmission.

After months of claiming effectiveness figures for mRNA vaccines in excess of 90%, the arrival of the delta variant has come with a reality check. A study of the highly vaccinated University of California San Diego Health workforce, recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, saw cases of symptomatic covid-19 infection jump from 33% in fully vaccinated workers in June to 75% just a month later. The authors suggest this is likely to be primarily down to immune evasion linked to the rapid emergence and dominance of the delta variant along with waning immunity over time. Israeli scientists are also reporting a disturbing waning in immunity with rapidly escalating breakthrough cases.

The latest data from Public Health England (Technical Briefing 22) reveals a case fatality rate (CFR) for the delta variant of 0.24% for the unvaccinated and 0.96% for the fully vaccinated. This means – all things being equal – a fully vaccinated person in England or Wales has on average a four times higher chance of dying than an unvaccinated person.

Based on another study published in The Lancet, carried out on vaccinated Vietnamese healthcare workers, viral loads transmitted by workers infected with the Delta variant were 251 times greater than those involving the original Wuhan strain. So – let’s stop calling this these so-called ‘covid-19 vaccines’ vaccines. They don’t stop transmission, so the term vaccine is entirely misleading.  

However you look at it – the silver bullet solution held up by governments, health authorities, Bill Gates and many others as the only possible exit from this pandemic – that’s been funded by and will continue to be funded by the public – is failing, and failing fast.

To us and many others this failure is unsurprising – and was entirely predictable. We’ve long argued for multi-faceted approaches to complex diseases and the danger of having just ‘one egg in the basket’.


“The way things are currently looking, in our view, the biggest cost of the pandemic will not be through suffering and illness caused by direct infection. The greatest costs will be the economic and social consequences of our efforts to combat the virus. It is not just drugs that have side effects.”- Robert Verkerk PhD, 12 March 2020 (one day after the WHO declared pandemic status for covid-19)


As the narrative issued to us by governments and health authorities around the world is so often misinformed and misleading, it’s been amazing to see how alignments have formed among those of us who are not congruent with the mainstream view. In this light, to formalise this collaboration through an umbrella organisation that unites many of the dissenting, science-based voices, is something of a revelation.

We’re incredibly grateful to Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Jennifer Hibberd, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Karen McKenna, Dr Tracy Chandler and many others for having grabbed the bull by the horns, got this initiative going over the last few weeks and brought it to launch this week. It is a genuine collaboration and in a world that has marginalised dissenters, it has been a joy to interact twice weekly in (online) meetings with concerned doctors, scientists and lawyers from around the world. Our thanks also go to Zoe Strickland who is doing an amazing job pulling it all together and keeping the not insignificant number of wheels turning! 

Further engagement

  • Watch ‘Improving covid care’, presented by Dr Tess Lawrie at the International Covid Summit 12 - 14 September 2021 in Rome. In this short video Dr Lawrie reviews the lack of official treatment advice given to covid patients and presents effective protocols that include ivermectin
  • Watch Dr Tess Lawrie from BiRD sharing the latest evidence on ivermectin as an antidote to the covid health emergency. Also presented at the Covid Summit 12-14 September 2021, Dr Lawrie reviews the inconsistencies and irregularities in how evidence on ivermectin has been presented by governments and health authorities during the pandemic
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