So many questions are being asked of us over our legal rights after we are offered the covid vaccine or are faced with having to tell our employers if we've had the vaccine or not. The most compelling and thorough analysis of this thorny subject comes from Daniel Barnett, a UK-based employment law barrister, author of fifteen legal textbooks who also presents the Legal Hour on LBC, a well-known UK talk radio station, alongside his day job!

Whilst both videos were released two months ago, the subject matter is almost more relevant now that the vaccines are being distributed.

 Watch the video below to answer questions such as:

  • Has there ever been compulsory vaccination in the UK?
  • Does the current law allow for compulsory vaccination?
  • Can the UK Parliament introduce new legislation to compel vaccinations?
  • Is there any truth in the rumour that the govt can use the Mental Health Act to section people who refuse to have the vaccine?
  • What is the position in the United States by way of comparison?



For more information on whether your employer can dismiss you if you refuse to have a covid vaccine, watch Daniel Barnett's second video, covering the following areas:

  • The choice as it might be presented to you; get vaccinated or get dismissed
  • The cold, hard reality facing you if your employer instructs you to get vaccinated
  • The possible legal claims you'd have if you refused, and were dismissed
  • The trickier position of if you're accused of being an 'evangelical anti-vaxxer' as against vaccine-hesitant (his words not ours!)



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