We've another smorgasboard of covid related news items to share this week. The heat is being turned up in many countries as governments become increasingly desperate in their efforts to suppress data demonstrating that all is not as it seems and certain strategies may not be working as promised. Yet on the flip side, collaboration, unity and support is the order of the day as more and more people come together shine the light of humanity into the world as they push back and hold the line.


  • Latvian politicians who cannot or will not show a vaccine passport with evidence of being jabbed or having recovered from covid will be banned from attending in-person or online parliamentary meetings and voting. They will also not be paid. From Monday 22nd November Latvia employers will be allowed to dismiss any employee who refuses to be jabbed. Unjabbed people will also be banned from large shopping centres.
  • Dr Mary Bowden, a doctor from Texas who praised ivermectin’s ability to help covid patients recover and opposed vaccine mandates was suspended from practice last week. She has now taken the brave decision to resign from her post so she can continue to speak out and focus on treating unvaccinated patients
  • Austria has introduced tough restrictions for unjabbed people. They will only be allowed to leave home to go shopping for food or to go to work over the next 10 days, after which the restrictions will supposedly be reviewed. In an open letter, Olympic and world champion, Felix Gottwald, has published an open letter accusing the government of creating division and discriminating against people who choose not to be injected. He has also resigned from his role as Chairman for Breitensportkommission of the Bundes-Sport GmbH saying he’s ashamed of the way the government is acting. STOP PRESS: The Austrian Police and  military are reported to be refusing to enforce vaccine passports due to the assaults on people's freedoms and the discrimination they bring. The report also says members of both forces will be joining the Worldwide Freedom Marches on Saturday 20th November
  • As part of its efforts to get UK citizens to accept covid ‘booster’ jabs, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is threatening to change the definition of being fully vaccinated to need proof of 3 jabs and not 2 as was previously required in order to travel or avoid mandatory isolation. The government is now also making 3rd jabs available to people over the age of 40 as they desperately try to increase take up of so called 'booster' jabs
  • Despite being one of the most jabbed countries in the world, Gibraltar is experiencing a significant rise in covid infections. The government is now advising people to wear masks, avoid large gatherings and maintain social distancing. Ministers have also strongly advised people not to attend social events for at the last the next four weeks and are discouraging people from holding private Christmas events.


Data from the Imperial College React study has recorded the highest number of covid infections since the study first began in May 2020 in the UK. The number of infections has more than doubled since the last report in September. Another suggestion of just how much mass vaccination is driving, not protecting against, transmission.


  • The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has permanently blocked OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) from implementing and enforcing covid vaccine mandates, which was set to impact employers across the board in the US
  • In yet another example or workers standing against ‘vaccine’ mandates, the Pittsburgh police union has filed a grievance and plans to file an unfair labour practice complaint against the citywide mandate
  • US based Teachers for Choice’s legal challenge on religious exemptions has had a huge win as the Court ruled that 15 teachers have the right to apply for religious exemptions from covid jabs. The ruling opens a door for more city employees to also apply for exemptions. A further hearing will take place on the 22nd November
  • The Children's Health Defense team report on seven separate lawsuits challenging covid jab mandates for the US military.


  • Children's Health Defense Board Chair and Lead Legal Counsel, Robert F Kennedy Jr is calling for people around the world to 'Walk Out' of their jobs as part of calls to demand a return to freedom and democratic principles. As part of the action, workers took part in a 4 day walkout called the 'Golden Gate Bridge Rally'
  • Gov Ron de Santis has thrown down the gauntlet to the Biden Administration saying its attempts to mandate covid vaccines "is going down" as he vows to fight on
  • Top Australian rules football player, Liam Jones, has taken the decision to quit the game and lose a substantial income, rather than be forced into being covid jabbed
  • Another Australian senator has followed the lead of Senator Rennick saying he will withold his vote in the Senate until Australians are properly protected from medical discrimination based on their vaccine status
  • Dutch citizens protested on Saturday as a new lockdown was imposed due to increasing infection rates
  • The new head of the Oklahoma National Guard has removed the requirement for members of the National Guard to be double jabbed. In a recent memo he said that no administrative or legal action would be taken against against guard members who choose not to be injected
  • In California a school district has voted unanimously in favour of defying the state’s covid injection mandates for students and staff. Board of Trustees of the Calaveras Unified School District voted unanimously not to “support, enforce, or comply with” any vaccine mandates
  • A group of Swedish doctors have launched a petition calling for the use of Pfizer covid injections to be stopped following disclosures of suspected fraud during the phase III trials of the jab
  • Once again, tens of thousands Melbourne residents took to the streets to protest against Premier Dan Andrews attempted power grab through the introduction of unprecedented and dictatorial legislation and the ongoing repression of citizens under existing severe covid rules
  • A top level debate over attempts to mandate covid vaccines in the US will be taking place at the National Institute of Health in the US at the beginning of December to discuss the ethics of mandates. The debate is being organised by Dr Matthew Memoli who is opposed to the mandates and remains unjabbed
  • South African Pandemics and Analytics organisation, PANDA, has published an open letter to the British Society of Immunology calling for it to amend its public messaging due its gross misrepresentation of the available data on the protective effects of natural immunity gained following covid infection
  • A newly updated report from the US CDC reveals the number of Americans thought to have been infected with covid suggesting there are now high levels of natural immunity in the US population
  • US based Unity Project is working to stop covid-19 ‘vaccine’ mandates for healthy children. The project aims for unite the huge number of independent groups into a cohesive, streamlined and well coordinated movement to counter the ongoing push by authorities to force covid jabs on children of all ages
  • English actress, Patsy Palmer, has put her career on the line to protest against covid jab mandates at a freedom march in Los Angeles. She shared a picture of herself holding a sign saying “We are not anti vax, we are anti-mandates”. Her stance has apparently divided fans
  • Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, announced he will not mandate covid jabs for healthcare workers as he's not prepared to risk a mass walkout that would severely damage the healthcare system. Quebec has also dropped the requirement for healthcare workers to be jabbed
  • American Football player, Aaron Rogers has confirmed he remains unjabbed despite pressure to cave and has been taking ivermectin as a preventative measure against covid infection. He said that he has spent a lot of time investigating the jabs before making his decision. He also said he believes in maintaining bodily autonomy and the right to choose what's right for each individual.


A major UK testing company is reported to have said it will sell the DNA collected on covid test swabs to the highest bidders for research. Despite warnings last year that this could happen those using the company to process covid tests were not clearly told their swabs might be sold for medical research purposes.

Covid injections

  • As pressure to jab children grows a new study shows only six healthy children are thought to have died as a result of covid infection between March 2020 and February 2021, reiterating how small the risk of covid is to children
  • Three senior researchers are calling for the mass covid ‘vaccination’ campaign to be paused to evaluate significant concerns over the safety of the jabs
  • Pfizer's own briefing document to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) prior to the emergency authorisation of the shots for children, suggests they knew that there was a significant risk of myocarditis to children resulting from the shot. Under scenario 3, the model predicts more excess hospitalisations among children from myocarditis than from covid. Reports are beginning to emerge from Australia of dozens of teenagers suffering heart issues following covid jabs
  • Following revelations that Pfizer is adding a drug used in heart attack victims to child doses of it's covid jab, it's now been revealed that is also being added to adult doses of both the Pfizer and Moderna covid 'vaccines'
  • in the same week that Taiwan stopped giving teenagers a second dose of the Pfizer covid jab due concerns over myocarditis risk, the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has approved a second dose for young people aged 16-17 despite the concerns over increased risk myocarditis
  • A new study published in Act Neurologica Scandinavica explores and discusses serious adverse reactions associated with covid jabs. The authors find the most frequently observed issues are headaches, Guillain-Barre syndrome, venus sinus thrombosis and transverse myelitis and call for healthcare professionals to be vigilant for such issues following covid injections
  • US Senator, Ted Cruz, has announced the introduction of legislation called the Parental Rights Protection Act to prevent the introduction of mandated covid jabs for children
  • A new preprint study from Norwegian researchers has found that if you’re hospitalised due to severe covid disease being vaccinated makes no difference to your risk of dying. It also makes no difference to the length of hospital stay
  • A choir concert in Germany has resulted in a large number of people being infected with covid. The event was only open to double jabbed people and would not admit anyone who was unjabbed, but could provide a negative test
  • In a display of extreme arrogance and with no acknowledgement of any risks posed, Sussex NHS Trust has produced a leaflet encouraging children aged 12-15 to get a covid jab in secret and promising that their parents or teachers won’t be told about it
  • Eleven doctors have sworn declarations detailing injury following covid injections. Most of these doctors were told the injuries were psychological. It was only after they sought opinions from other doctors that they knew were they believed. How many more are there that are yet to be heard and believed?
  • The Brownstone Foundation has shared details of 21 studies questioning the supposed efficacy of covid injections and throwing the notion of vaccine mandates out of the window
  • Both Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have changed their tunes when it comes to covid jabs. They’ve moved from hailing the saviour jabs to acknowledging they do very little other reduce the severity of infection and pumping up support for additional jabs to maintain what little protection the jabs may provide
  • At least 10,000 Australians are reported to be planning on claiming compensation after suffering ‘rare’ serious injury from covid injections. Injuries covered will include heart conditions myocarditis and pericarditis, the blood clotting disorder thrombosis with thrombocytopenia, the rare neurological condition Guillain-Barré syndrome and immune thrombocytopenia
  • Doctors in the UK are reporting a ‘sudden’ increase in young people, aged 13-15, developing extreme sudden onset physical and vocal convulsions, known as tics. Similar reports are being made by specialists in the United States, Germany, Denmark, France and Canada. German specialists have suggested the problem is down to young people seeing social media influencers with Tourette’s, however no connection has been mentioned with covid injections in the article
  • The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended tranverse myelitis be added to the the label for the Johnson & Johnson covid jab as a side effect. The EMA is also looking into reports of capillary leak syndrome in relation to the Moderna jab.


A Court in Illinois ruled a seriously ill covid patient should be given ivermectin after his daughter went to Court to force the hospital treating him to allow another doctor to treat him. The hospital refused to allow the doctor access to the patient as he wasn’t covid jabbed. After another visit to Court the judge admonished the hospital who have now had to allow the patient to be treated. The patient is already on the road to making a good recovery

A new international report of 64 studies shows when ivermectin is used as a preventative treatment for covid has a 86% success rate in preventing infection and a 67% success rate in aiding recovery when used as part of an early treatment protocol

petition is calling on the Canadian government to allow the immediate use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of covid disease. The petition remains open for signature until the 25th December.


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