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Following on from Rob Verkerk PhD's 6,000 word article on the relationship between frequencies and life itself, Rob's recorded a  30 minute video for those of who that would like to imbibe the information through audio or audiovisual means. To dive into the written content again, the link's below.

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Have you noticed the upsurge of interest in frequency and energy medicine? Have you even been hooked up to a frequency medicine machine of late – or do you know friends or family who have been? Have you wondered which ones have a decent scientific evidence base behind them – and which ones don’t appear to?

The reality is that frequency medicine is experiencing a renaissance in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic and there is an increasing diversity of technologies being used. Some of it is being foisted on the public, including sectors of those that have been injured by covid-19 vaccines, in an aggressive way, sometimes by way of multi-level marketing enthusiasts with no training or background in the healthcare professions. Others are touted as miracle cures for absolutely any condition.

Could some of these technologies cause harm – and could others represent one of the key missing links in medicine and health care?

In this feature, we take a deeper diver into what’s going on in this fascinating and often neglected area of medicine, and we hope it might go some way to helping you sort the (gluten-free) wheat from the chaff.....

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