Last week we introduced you to the first 6 domains of what we call our Ecological Terrain. That's the ecological system in which we all exist that is the primary determinant of our health, taking into account physiological, metabolic, immunological, hormonal, emotional and social factors, as well as higher needs like having a distinct purpose or finding meaning in life.  

When considering health and what it takes to be healthy and resilient, many immediately think of food and physical activity.  While both certainly play an integral role in disease prevention and health creation — they are far from the whole story.

In Part 2 this week, we look at incorporating practical elements from the remaining 6 domains in the Ecological Terrain to hack your healthspan - the time in your life that you remain healthy.

As suggested above, these domains encompass much more than just our physical health. They also include our peace of mind, our emotional health, our relationships with others, and yes, what the Japanese call our 'ikigai' - our mission or purpose in life. Researchers who've spent years evaluating the five longest lived, healthy, so-called 'Blue zone' communities have revealed that of the nine factors that are widely associated with very long healthspan, purpose in life may possibly be the most important of all.

After all, rudderless ships rarely reach their destination.



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