Despite the current situation, we felt we still wanted to mark the advent of the holidays in the UK and Europe with another batch of recipes. Life has been heavy of late and having a little culinary creation time in the kitchen is much needed relaxation for us foodies in the ANH team. We know that for many, money is tight, morale low and concerns about health increasing. So these recipes all share an immune support theme, plus they're quick, simple, nutrient-dense and really tasty!

Food has always been our first medicine. It's also a powerful way to communicate information to your body to trigger the responses you desire. You can eat a similar number of calories of broccoli or ice-cream, but have completely different metabolic outcomes. Right now, developing and maintaining immune resilience - the ability to respond to pathogens, mount an appropriate defence and bounce back again to homeostasis, is pretty high on the list. Yet we are still, after nearly 5 months, not seeing any public health messaging educating citizens on how to improve and support their immune systems.

Every stage of the immune response involves nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, plant secondary metabolites or essential fatty acids... And they come from our food first and foremost, even though you can top up with dietary/food supplements if necessary. We hope these 12 recipes are a jump start to some more culinary creations of your own. Please do feel free to share. We'd love to put a recipe book together of your creations one of these days.

Here's to a happy, healthy, culinary-diverse staycation or vacation, wherever that may be!

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