By Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator

The world may look, and feel, like it’s going to hell in a handbasket – certain aspects of it hopefully are, and the quicker the better. But spend time in Nature, connecting, and it’s abundantly clear that there is a serene order in existence that knows no fear, no chaos, no division, no polarity, no discrimination and no isolation. It just is. Serene, steadfast and sovereign.

I don’t for a minute mean this to sound glib. The last two and a half years have been tough on so many levels. We’re now facing the closing 5 months of the year where the feeling of another big challenge in the works is almost palpable. I am acutely aware of the intense pain and suffering that so many have been experiencing since the world was turned upside down and inside out two and a half years ago. This too is palpable.

From overwhelm to serenity

Again and again we are required to dig deep into our resilience and stand in our sovereignty. It’s wearing. Overwhelm and fatigue are natural responses to deep and ongoing stress and trauma. Make no mistake, it’s by design. I’m no longer sitting on that particular fence. It’s what they’re banking on to create another wave of meek compliance to whatever transgressions of humanity and freedoms are on the agenda. It’s also why we’re running a training day in September to lift the veil on the behavioural science being used against us.

What they’re not banking on is the keenness of our intent, our steadfastness to the choices we’ve made, our ability to regain balance amidst chaos, to become immune to particular fears and to utilise our inherent powers of creation for good.

Consciously, coherently, we flourish.

So how do we transcend the draw into the downward spiral and tap into the seam of serenity that will see us through for the long haul? Welcome to the August Acceleration Series for 2022 — Conscious Coherence.

Coherence – creating balance

Coherence is one of those words that has multiple meanings depending on context. At its root, it comes from a Latin word meaning “to stick together”. In language, if something is considered coherent, it means it makes sense in a logical, orderly fashion; a consistent relationship of parts. Also, the ‘glue’ that joins ideas together. In physics, coherence is a term applied to waves or fields if their frequency and waveform are in phase with each other e.g. a laser, which emits coherent light as all the photons have the same frequency and are in phase. In medicine it can refer to the synchronisation taking place within systems – coherent systems are well-functioning and in good health. In consciousness, a state of high coherence refers to a cooperative phenomenon of the whole mind.

Coherence is also a very important concept in quantum physics – quantum coherence is related to the ability of photons to work synergistically and collaboratively to organise biological processes. When a state of coherence is lost, an organism or biological system can move into positive entropy (disorder), losing organisation and balance. Applied to the body this can result in dysfunction and disease. Applied to social structures and systems, it can result in disorder and chaos.

Flourishing – consciously and coherently

Coherence, consciously strived for, can not only antidote positive entropy and the disorder and disorganisation that ensues, but it is, in and of itself, a creative force. When we inhabit a space of conscious coherence, we naturally connect with Nature and collaboratively interact with others, we make deeper contact with our humanity and more effortlessly tap into the seam of serenity. We move into a state of negative entropy (organisation, structure and stability), from which we are empowered to create new structures, new organisations, new flow and new symmetry. We can love more, laugh harder and move farther away from the downward spiral.

Join us this month as we anchor the concept of conscious coherence through our newsletters. In amongst our offerings, I’m looking forward to sharing with you 4 conversations with 4 very different people who have each consciously and coherently changed their lives.

You won’t be surprised to find that apart from being inspirational, they share two other aspects in common – their lives are filled with mission and purpose, which involves being in service to others, committed to helping as many people as they can. Mission and purpose, Ikigai to the Japanese, a strong sense of family and community, are amongst the key indicators for longevity and happiness in the long-lived Blue Zone communities.

Here’s to enhancing our journey together with conscious, co-creative coherence.



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