There's no doubt that the world has changed dramatically over the last year and it would be naive to think that we will be returning to anything resembling pre-pandemic life now. The dial has turned and the needle is pointing towards a whole new vista. Whilst the mechanism for getting us to this point has been wholly challenging at so many levels, here at ANH-Intl we see the long-term transition, and the changes this will allow, as deeply necessary, a revolutionary shift if you will. And we feel that unity consciousness is going to play a major role in healing our hitherto split and broken world. 

Adapting to the realities we now face

These kinds of shifts require a radical departure from one's comfort zone and a certain level of resilience to masterfully surf the currents of change, yet remain standing and ready to act. We've written extensively on resilience in relation to health, metabolically, psychologically and immunologically — but our feeling is that companies and organisations too, will have to demonstrate a commitment to unity consciousness, as well as be resilient enough to flex sufficiently during this transition to not just survive, but to flourish and take an active role in creating the new.

Since its inception, 19 years ago this month, ANH-Intl has consistently punched well above its weight. We have placed huge importance on maintaining an organisation that is independent, flexible, responsive, creative and unafraid of standing alone using our unique 'good science' and 'good law' approach while leading from the front. We're extremely proud of the fact that in our almost 2 decades of existence we've not had to make a single U-turn on any stance we've taken on any subject. A very rare commodity in this day and age where talk is cheap and increasingly controlled by mainstream narratives.

Transitioning how we work to help us help you

In order for ANH-Intl to maintain the standards which we hold so dear, and to which so many of you we're so often told have come to rely on, as well as ensure our resilience into the future, we're making some changes and bringing in a new dimension to our offering, one that allows for more strength and mutual support. This transition of our own will also hopefully help us successfully avoid getting deleted in the current censorship and cancel culture, which continues to ride roughshod over freedom of speech and civil liberty.

In the video below, ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, and co-director, Meleni Aldridge, explain why we've made this decision to transition our structure and what it will mean for you. However, please be assured that ANH-Intl will always remain non-profit and donation-funded because our independence is as important to us as it is to you. 

Let our founder and co-director tell you how

Please watch the video below, where our founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, and co-director, Meleni Aldridge, explain the giant leap for us, and the small step for you...

Or read the transcript instead...

Rob: Hi there, great to see you today. This was meant to be a walk and talk outside, but it’s about minus 5 outside and we’ve tried to do a little bit of recording, but unfortunately brains and locomotor function weren’t working (and faces) and not a lot was happening so we came inside into the warmth, into the log cabin as we have something really important to talk about.  Mel over to you.

Meleni: We were planning on being out together on this beautiful, crisp winter day to talk to you about an exciting new paradigm shift for ANH. We see it as a significant step allowing for more support, more unity and the potential for greater action.

ANH achievements

Rob: We’ve been protecting the right to natural health for almost twenty years now. Along the way, we’ve:

  • fought battles successfully in court,
  • we’ve prevented disproportionate bans on countless natural health products,
  • we’ve stopped doctors losing their licenses,
  • we’ve defended the right to practise natural health and the right to free speech,
  • we’ve changed the minds of politicians,
  • we’ve educated tens of thousands around the world,
  • we’ve designed a new model for sustainable healthcare, and
  • we’ve done our best to keep our subscribers up-to-speed on the science and politics of covid.

Since I left my academic position at Imperial College London to establish ANH in 2002, we’ve been funded only by donations from you and donations from natural health businesses in our Vanguard Club, formerly the ANH Innovators Club.

Having secured a lot of recognition for our work around the world, generally punching well above our weight, we need to move – after 20 years – to the next level. For nearly a year now, the pandemic has taken the focus of so many away from some of the most pressing issues of our time – while creating a whole lot of new ones. But it’s critical we get back on track – and ensure we don’t allow ourselves to lose focus and lose all the gains that have been won by so many over the last few decades.

Cancel culture vs initiatives

Meleni: The increasing censorship across the global press and social media has posed significant challenges for many organisations and individuals who dare to deviate from the mainstream narrative. But as they say, the truth will out! So, undaunted, all these draconian actions against freedom of speech have just led to the creation of new online channels and a burgeoning and prolific alternative media. They’ve also turned the clock back to mailing lists and emails. Although, even these can be throttled back as many of our subscribers will attest to. Despite being signed up, having our email address in their address books, our weekly missive seems to disappear into cyber space never to land.

Rob: On top of the challenges posed by censorship, the current pandemic has dramatically limited our ability to fund raise in more traditional ways that involve events and face to face contact.

Among major initiatives we’re planning now is an international conference to ensure the new model of sustainable healthcare – one that’s needed now more than any other time in living memory – sees the light of day. We’ve also been working closely with a university in The Netherlands to develop a new model of risk benefit assessment for micronutrients that could become seminal to stopping disproportionate bans on higher dosage, truly beneficial natural health products. That’s about to be released and we need to lobby intensively European governments and institutions to make sure they don’t ban any more natural health products without legal basis. We’re also about to open an office in the Netherlands that will be a base for our continuing work in Europe, something we can’t do from the UK post-Brexit.   

So – and here’s the exciting bit — after a lot of consideration of all available options – we’ve decided to transition ANH International to a membership organisation!

Before Meleni tells you a bit more about what this is likely to mean for you, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of you who’ve journeyed with us over the last 20 years – never losing sight of our fundamental right to choose to manage our health by natural means. We so look forward to working with you even more closely going forwards.

Becoming an ANH Pathfinder

Meleni: We’ve been asked countless times over the years if it’s possible to join ANH-Intl and, soon, by next month you’ll be able to. Becoming an ANH Pathfinder means that you can choose your level of membership based on whether you are joining as an individual, a health professional, a group or a business. Groups are for 10 people or more and includes communities and schools.

We really want to keep the membership fees affordable and within reach. We’ve used a 'cappuccino rating' for the Individual and health professional categories to keep it around the cost of 1 cappuccino a month: At £45 per annum - which is around $60 USD - that equates to £3.75 / $5 a month. The Group membership is £175 per annum and businesses will have 4 categories to choose from starting at just £500 / around $680 USD per annum.  

From the time we launch the ANH club - which is currently on track for the beginning of March - we will be making certain content ‘members-only’ on the website, whilst keeping other content freely visible. As a member you will be able to login and have your own dashboard, as well as being able to freely traverse the site. This will also allow us to communicate with our members more freely. It also means that if your newsletters aren’t landing in your inbox each week, you can visit your dashboard and pick up all our articles directly.

Knowing which type of pathfinder you are will help us too if we have specific content for health professionals, schools or businesses for instance. Plus, we are planning to bring you a members’ Q&A webinar each month where we’ll answer a selection of the most requested questions/information areas.

Darkest before the dawn

Meleni: We just wanted to give you a heads up today about what’s in the ANH pipeline and will bring more details, including a launch date, soon. But most importantly we wanted to communicate how positive we feel about the future. Whilst things look more than bleak at the moment, remember that it’s always darkest before the dawn. In so many ways, and as so many more awaken to what is occurring in our world, true transition feels just around the corner. A big part of the change we need to see in the world is a transition to a more unity consciousness. If this resonates with you, we so look forward to welcoming you as an ANH Pathfinder into our new club with its strong, sustainable, health creating core!

Rob: Thank you so much indeed. This is the beginning of something really pretty new for us and for you. The pandemic in many ways has precipitated it along with the censorship, but it really also acts as a driver to move us all to the next level and there’s never been a more important time for natural health. So please join us on this journey. Thank you so much.


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