Like last week, because of the blackout on honest coverage in the mainstream media, we feel it incumbent on us to provide some footage of the 'We do Not Consent' rally in Trafalgar Square, last Saturday 26th September, 2020.

In an almost déjà vu moment, the flow of peaceful, impassioned presentations, in what had been a very calm and unified rally, came to an abrupt end around 3 pm as a German doctor, Dr Heiko Schöning, took to the stage. He didn't get to speak in Trafalgar Square and, ironically, was later arrested whilst speaking at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park.

Three o'clock must be some kind of 'witching hour' for the British police as, just like the 19th September, the riot police, without warning, barrelled into the crowd and surrounded the stage and speaker's area. What transpired was deeply unpleasant. You'll get the gist from our video, but we've left out some of the more brutal footage. There's enough trauma and fear around causing too much division already.

Suffice to say, peaceful demonstrators beaten with police batons, women and children treated in very heavy handed fashion, a large section of the crowd kettled – and still it appears that the protesters managed to stay calm and not retaliate physically. It's hard to believe this has been happening in London, one of the first bastions of democracy, free speech and social justice.

One wonders what kind of orders the police must be getting from on high and why people peacefully calling for the return of human rights and health freedoms is such a danger to national security... 

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