It was with deep sadness that we learnt of the death, last Thursday, of Ian R Crane, one of the world’s most outspoken freedom advocates, after a battle with cancer.

Ian was a former oil industry executive turned activist. While he initially turned his attention to peak oil, he went on to be a frontline activist exposing the fracking industry’s agenda, using his insider knowledge to lead protests and successful legal challenges, most notably against IGas and Cuadrilla. His film ‘Voices from the Gasfields’ brought the full extent of the damage being caused by the hydrocarbon industry to the public’s view.

Humanity vs Insanity: The Crane Report broadcast on UK Column gave Ian a platform from which to tackle a range of other issues, including threats to natural health, to subconscious human programming and the often unspoken agenda to transition from government by sovereign nations to global governance.

He founded the popular Alternative View (AV) conferences which brought together a diverse range of often controversial speakers from around the world. By his detractors, or those caught in the cross-hairs of the issues he exposed, Ian was of course viewed as a conspiracy theorist, despite, very often, delivering one conspiracy fact after another. This perspective helped shape the title and nature of Rob Verkerk’s presentation at the inaugural AV event in Totnes back in 2008 – ‘Codex Alimentarius – the conspiracy that is no longer a theory’.

More recently he fought for the freedom of David Noakes and Lynn Thyer who were extradited to France on charges related to the production of controversial cancer treatment, GcMAF.

Ian saw himself as a truthseeker. He was also an investigative journalist and broadcaster, the likes of which are becoming increasingly rare in this day and age. A larger-than-life character who wasn’t shy about airing his thoughts, however controversial. He was known and loved for his energy and passion by the many thousands who shared his views. He was also marginalised by those who didn’t want to engage with the implications of the many important issues he raised. He may not have been right on everything – but very few are, especially when we look at world leaders or those heading board rooms of the wold’s biggest corporations.

What Ian had in spades was the courage of his convictions, standing up for what he believed to be right regardless of what others may have thought. He was a man who did his best to walk his talk right to the end.

Our thoughts are with Ian’s family at this time. Like them, it’s now for others to pick up the mantle – otherwise an important gap, representing the increasingly silenced voices of dissent, will be left.

We leave you with two memorable presentations.

The first is David Noakes’ extraordinary explanation of his and Lyn Thyler’s conviction around GcMAF.

David Noakes presentation at AV10, ‘GcMAF, Big Pharma & The Persecution of David Noakes & Lyn Thyer’ (18 May 2019)


The second is an engaging presentation Ian gave in Denmark in 2012 on a subject that was of great concern to him, subconscious human programming.

Ian Crane presents ‘Exposing Human Programming ... stepping out of the Matrix!’ (Sept 2012)


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