We, People of the world, no longer abide by the tyrannical rule of unelected global officials and their vision of the future. We break free from their chains. It is time to gather to reclaim our cultural traditions, history, and liberties. We are sovereign beings moving forward together in love, unity, and peace.

We're currently at a crucial juncture in time. One where we face the loss of our sovereign rights as a powerful cartel of unelected global authorities, fronted by the World Health Organization, seeks to impose global control through carefully coordinated constructs known as the Pandemic Treaty/Accord and amendments to the International Health Regulations. Together these documents pose one of the most significant threats to our basic human rights ever faced by humanity.

Not only is our future at stake so is that of our children, our children's children and beyond!

Rather than passively submit to a world created by global elites we're standing with millions of others around the world to create a world and systems that best meet our needs, now and for the future.

Make your stand for sovereignty - join the convoy!

The Road to Geneva Convoy is a pan-European convoy uniting people across the continent in defence of our health autonomy and individual rights. Thousands of people from all walks of life will be making their voices heard outside the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland at the We Are The Change rally and march on Saturday June 1st.

The Road to Geneva is part of a coalition campaign spearheaded by Free Humanity and The Geneva Project amongst other partners across the world, inviting people to reject the impositions of unelected, unaccountable global officials upon our future, and encouraging the people of the world to reclaim our democratic power to determine our own future.


On the 31 May 2024, thousands of people, from around the globe, will arrive in Mijoux, France as part of the #RoadtoGeneva People's Convoy. On 1 June 2024 everyone will converge on the Place des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland culiminating in a unprecedented show of unity at the #WeAreTheChangeRally to break free from the chains of global oppression to reclaim our sovereignty.

#WeAreTheChange Rally & March for The Future is the culminating event of The Geneva Project. It is a historic, peaceful rally where the people of the world come together to break the chains of global authorities that do not represent us and reawaken to the power that belongs to us all. It is the moment we declare our independence from that which holds us back and take responsibility for the creation of the world we want.

Rob Verkerk PhD and Meleni Aldridge will join world freedom leaders to take part in this historic marker-in-the-sand event to safeguard our sovereignty and send a message that we will not be silenced.


Be a part of the Geneva Project


🌎 https://t.me/roadtogeneva @roadtogeneva


🇬🇧 Road to Geneva UK https://t.me/roadtogenevauk @roadtogenevauk
🇩🇪 🇨🇭🇦🇹🇱🇮 Weg nach Genf https://t.me/wegnachgenf @wegnachgenf
🇮🇹 Strada per Ginevra https://t.me/stradaperginevra @stradaperginevra
🇫🇷 La route de Genève RoutedeGeneve @RoutedeGeneve
🇵🇹 O caminho para Genebra https://t.me/CaminhoParaGenebra @CaminhoParaGenebra
🇪🇸 Camino a Ginebra https://t.me/caminoaginebra @caminoaginebra


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