Rob Verkerk chats to Naturopath Michelle Sanchez on the CNM Podcast.

Episode 26

Show summary:

Internationally acclaimed scientist Robert Verkerk discusses disease prevention strategies and how to create health naturally through diet and lifestyle. He explains why we need to change the way we think about our health in order to thrive, the driving factors that contribute to disease and why the current healthcare system doesn’t promote long-term health. Robert also runs through the twelve areas of the human constitution and how to optimise each area to supercharge your health.

What you’ll learn:

The issues that surround the way health is currently managed and why it’s geared towards managing diseases, rather than promoting health.

The reasons why there is a metabolic disease crisis in the UK.

What a sustainable health approach means and how to achieve it for yourself.

Why eating less frequently is beneficial for your health.

How modern-day cooking creates carcinogens in foods and why fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets are not as fresh as you think.

The 12 domains (areas) of the human constitution and how to support each domain to promote optimum health

ANH’s eating for health concept and how to adopt it.

The dietary and lifestyle habits that contribute to disease and the changes you can make to improve your health.

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