Deep Connection

This is useful go-to meditation when you’re feeling like you need to clear and connect deeply once again to Source energy. When life becomes challenging to navigate, going within to clear our bodies and fields, connect more deeply to our heart centre and plug directly into Source energy via the Great Central Sun in the centre of our Universe can make all the difference. We are being called to inhabit our hearts more fully. To listen and filter everything through our heart centre. When we do this, not only do we rise in frequency, but we find that we are all the support we need and life flows more smoothly too.

Note: The quantum field is not linear and exists outside of time and space, so it doesn’t matter that you’ve found this meditation now. The time will be perfect for you in your individual journey and you can repeat it as many times as you like.

About the ANH Intention Circle

The ANH Intention Circle is a subset of the Pathfinder Membership of the Alliance for Natural Health International. It was borne from the desire within the membership to meet regularly and use the power of the collective to make conscious change at this time when change is so acutely needed.

It was also formed as a support system to create a safe space for personal, as well as planetary, healing. Recent times have been gruelling in so many ways, with people in different countries facing far tougher times than others. But the quantum field of pure potential knows no restrictions, no mandates, no discrimination, no judgement, no division and no polarisation. It’s always just there, a safe space, offering the power of pure potential that we as creator beings can tap into and utilise.

We hold a Circle session once a month, but also support one another via the private Pathfinder community forum. We will continue to share the guided journey element of our session every month to support a wider community.