500,000 signatures needed by June 2009!

The European Commission claim that it is a just a noisy minority concerned about restrictions vitamin and mineral levels across the EU.  It is now crucial to show them otherwise!

If you feel that:

  • You need higher dose vitamin and mineral supplements to either stay healthy or get well
  • To limit dosages is an infringement of your fundamental human rights
  • Preventative healthcare will be dealt a blow if people are discouraged from taking higher dosages of vitamins and minerals
  • Limiting all Europeans to the same maximum levels ignores both genetic variations between individuals as well as differences in nutritional need in different geographical parts of Europe.
  • There is no adequate scientific justification for restrictions of these types
  • Restrictions on vitamin and mineral levels will force more people to become even more reliant on pharmaceuticals
  • These proposals will simply benefit an industry—the pharmaceutical industry—that profits from disease rather than health

The ANH has launched the first of its Online Petitions via the ANH homepage (below Our Campaigns on the right of the homepage).  The first petition aims to positively influence the approach the European Commission is taking in its efforts to limit the maximum available dosages of vitamin and mineral food supplements across the 27 Member States of Europe.

Risk management methods presently being considered by the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority for the determination of these maximum permitted levels (MPLs) wlll unjustifiably limit amounts of many key forms of vitamins and minerals used daily by millions of Europeans to support good health.

We propose modifications to the risk management methods to prevent discrimination against food supplements that have been used safely and beneficially in parts of Europe and elsewhere for decades.

Unless the methods are changed, the regulatory measure that is likely to come into force by 2010, could prevent Europeans from obtaining sufficient micronutrients to manage their health properly.  For example, there is a risk that the level of beta-carotene may be set at less than that typically found in two carrots, and that for selenium, less than the amount found in two brazil nuts!

Let your voice be heard now so that the European Commission, European governments, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and Members of the European Parliament are able to hear how you feel about your rights to natural health. 

Voting on this petition will also provide public feedback to the Codex Alimentarius Commission with regard to its continuing development of a global guideline on vitamin and mineral food supplements that is modelled closely on the European regime.

Please sign our key and critically timed petition against the European Commission’s imminent proposal to limit maximum dosages of vitamin and mineral food supplements across the European Union. 

Please also get as many people as you know, in Europe and beyond, to sign this petition—we need to demonstrate to European regulators—as well as to governments at Codex—that unnecessary limits on food supplements are an infringement of our right to natural health.  Such limits must be based on proper science, not arbitrary science that is heavily influenced by political concerns.  So, from whatever country you reside in, if you agree with the concerns expressed in the petition text, please sign the petition—and ask as many of your friends, relatives and contacts to do the same.

It would also be helpful to cascade this link by email as far as you can: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/anh-vitaminrestrictions or you can click on the ‘email friends’ tab on the top of the petition once you've signed it.

In the words of one of our supporters "We have to fight back against this kind of state-subsidised terrorism!".


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