Holistic cancer rehabilitation trial

The first clinical trial to assess whether a holistic approach can help people living with or recovering from cancer is being run in the UK. The study, run by the Universities of Warwick and Coventry, is called PRO-REHAB. It will access a home-based and a group-based rehabilitation program for people who have previously received treatment for cancer. It will look at the problems often faced by those undergoing cancer treatments, such as, “poor sleep disturbance, fatigue, weight loss or gain, sexual difficulties [and] concerns about getting back to work”.

The glowing plant project

Genetically modified plants have recently sparked debate. The Glowing Plant project has attracted vast crowd-sourced funding on the Kickstarter website. It seeks to genetically engineer the plant, tale cress, Arabidopsis thaliana, to emit weak, green-blue light, offering the crowd funders seeds to plant the weed wherever they wish. The US government have no problem with this, however experts and industry watchers are fearful that, “distributing the plants could set a precedent for unsupervised releases of synthetic organisms”.

Fracking causes endocrine disrupting hormones

A new study has been released supporting the negative impact fracking poses to human health in West Virginia, USA. High enough levels of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) to threaten health are created from the use of chemicals during the hydraulic fracturing process and subsequent leakage into the wastewater. These EDCs interfere with hormones, which can cause cancer, birth defects and developmental disorders to animals and livestock as well as the nearby inhabitants. This comes as Bernie Sanders calls for a nationwide ban on fracking in the USA. This study details the uglier side of the energy business that has serious long-lasting and devastating effects on health and the environment.

The Truth About Cancer

Ty Bollinger’s nine part cancer docu-series, The Truth About Cancer, seen and shared by millions when it aired in 2015, is about the be unveiled to the world on April 12th 2016. This is the second series produced by Ty Bollinger, packed full of information from 131 of the world’s top experts. The original series, The Quest for The Cures was a huge success gaining over 1 million views through its first month of screening. The first episode airs April 12th at 9pm Eastern US time and will be available for approximately 23 hours, after which the next episode will be available. Sign up here.

GMO Cannabis in Australia

Australia has recently legalised medicinal Cannabis, but what does that mean exactly? Medicinal Cannabis does not refer to Marijuana, but instead involves only cannabis grown from genetically modified (through natural plant breeding methods) seeds, altered to have no THC. The differences between the types of Cannabis are confusing, but manageable when clear definitions are provided, like those offered in the recent survey from the Australian Department of Health. However, recent Australian State Bills and Federal Framework Bills have reverted back to the much vaguer 1937 UN definitions of Cannabis, that have “not been used for decades”. Drug Policy Australia say, “their re-introduction is purposeful and with intent - they pursue GMO Cannabis hoping the population does not see the difference until it is to late”. This provides profit driven Big Pharma with the opportunity to develop yet another drug with potentially deadly side effects, such as Epidiolex.

FDA withdraw swine drug approval

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have taken the first steps to withdraw the approval of the swine drug Carbadox, used to treat thousands of pigs entering the food chain. This is due to concerns over safety, after evidence of carcinogenic residues was found in pork meat and offal. The drugs use is already prohibited in the UK.