Anti-ageing and longevity are concepts that have been important drivers in many long-standing human cultures for millennia. The Ancient Egyptians, the Chinese dynasties and the ancient Ayurvedic texts all pay particular attention to strategies that are intended to extend healthy lifespans.

More recently, many who have been searching for that elusive ‘fountain of youth’ have tried a wide manner of elixirs or cosmeceuticals. Others have gone the surgical route that of course does little to alter what’s under the skin.

In Rob Verkerk’s presentation delivered twice to over-brimming consumer audiences at Love Natural Love You at Olympia, Rob digs deep below the surface of our skins. He explores the key underlying processes that we need to manage if we are to slow down the tick of our biological clocks – and gain some additional healthy years.

Given how noisy the auditorium at Olympia is, Rob has recorded the presentation again, for your benefit. For those of you looking at getting into the driving seat of your health and with an interest in slowing, stopping or even reversing their biological clocks, please check out the video of Rob’s talk below.