Cut sugar out of your diet”, “Switch out refined carbs for wholemeal and complex carbs”, “Calorie count”, “Exercise more”, “Try fasted training”, “Go Paleo”, “Eat more saturated Fat”, “Low fat foods are the root of all evil”, “Going keto’s the only way”!

These are just a few examples of the banter with which the health-aware public has to contend. It’s confusing. Some of it is rooted in science, but the science is often far from fully formed, contrary to what some scientists claim. We live in a world now in which humans have never been more susceptible to the views of science – yes, it has almost become like a religion for some – yet, we too often forget just how little we understand, and how much we don’t. More than that, those in positions of authority on health matters, aren’t necessarily the ones that have the greater or deeper understanding. Small ‘p’ politics therefore has big impact on what health authorities communicate to the public in their efforts to, ostensibly, help the public make a better job of their self-care.

As an independent NGO that’s not controlled by any vested interest or corporate group, we do our best to cut through the ‘sci-babble’ and get information that helps put people back in control of their health, with support from health professionals where required.

Our Food4Health guidelines, that differ considerably from those of health authorities in the UK, USA and elsewhere, have been a part of this process.

The following unprompted quotes we’ve received from a UK National Health Service (NHS) GP shows that the independent resources we produce can be put to good use.

“I send my patients to your site for the food4health plate - such a good resource in a busy NHS surgery.”

“ANH is such a useful resource for patients - and of course those who have managed not to become patients in the first place.”

With the UK’s premiere expo for CAM practitioners on us this weekend, we’ve collaborated with Gemma and Jonty from Tacon Design in Brighton to completely re-model our adult and kids food plates. We get to preview them in this eAlert and they will be available in hard copy, in limited numbers, at CAMexpo.


ANH-Intl’s Food4Health guidelines, 2016 revision.

Download Poster



ANH-Intl’s Food4Kids guidelines, 2016 revision.

Download Poster


We’ve also created a poster that is designed to help practitioners to help their clients or patients to make better use of the 4 energy pathways available to them if they are to develop metabolic flexibility and resilience – the keys to long-term health and wellness.


ANH-Intl’s energy metabolism poster to support practitioners and their clients/patients

Download Poster

For those of you able to make CAMexpo – we greatly look forward to speaking.


We will be at stand 1925, Robert Verkerk PhD will be giving 2 lectures:


  • Saturday September 24th from 12.00 - 12.30 pm in the Nutrition Theatre: How baseline and ongoing assessments can transform your practice, whatever your modality
  • Sunday September 25th from 11.15 - 11.45 am in the Nutrition Theatre: Fast-tracking homeostasis with food, physical activity and complex multi-nutrient nutritional formulas


Meleni Aldridge and Robert Verkerk will also be running a business clinic, be sure not to miss it!

  • Sunday September 25th from 2.00 - 2.45 pm: Expanding your toolbox to protect your future and leverage your business

Selected references supporting the ANH-Intl Food4Health Guidelines