Death threats for truth about vaccine campaigners

Dr Suzanne Humphries and Polly Tommey are no strangers to abuse and threats. But, the most recent (WARNING: contains graphic language) of these has shaken them to the core. The Internet has revolutionised people’s access to information. Whilst much of this is positive, empowering and upholds our right to freedom of speech, the flipside is that it also fosters an environment where abusive and threatening behaviour is harder to track and stop. So common is it becoming that police and security services are often dismissive and take no action. Sadly, this is the case with the threat against Suzanne and Polly and they are now left to provide for not just their own safety, but the safety of their families and friends. Such is Dr Humphries’ conviction about the dire need to educate people on the potential danger and misinformation on vaccines, her view of the recent death threat, when asked to comment, was, “If my time in this world is limited I have to do more in a short time”! Whether you believe in the ‘no smoke without fire’ principle or not, surely the death threats are a clear signal that Dr Humphries and Polly Tommey are on to something?

Glyphosate loophole exemption in France

Confusion has been created in France over the ongoing use of glyphosate after its use was extended for 5 years in the EU. Despite a hard stance taken in November that glyphosate would be banned in France within three years, President Macron has now announced an exemption for glyphosate “where a suitable alternative is not available”. He believes this will only affect 10% of farmers, with 90% being able to find credible alternatives. This pretty much amounts to a loophole that’s wide open to exploitation by Monsanto. One wonders how many farmers will use this loophole once the exemption is introduced and how many will take the time to research alternatives that are not harmful to bees, the environment and people?

US Medicaid to fund acupuncture treatments

Opioid addiction in the US is reaching crisis proportions, but the small chink of light at the end of the tunnel for natural medicine is that Medicaid is now being expanded to cover alternative therapies such as acupuncture. Despite criticism from sceptics acupuncture has been shown to provide effective pain relief that is comparable to the use of analgesics, yet at a fraction of the cost. Whilst acupuncture alone is unlikely to provide the entire solution, it can help patients manage their medical conditions with less reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and promote use of self-care approaches, which are far more empowering in the long run.