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  • Natural News Roundup (week 28/2022)

    13 July 2022

    Glyphosate in urine; Ghostwriting glyphosate propaganda; Broccoli beats biofilms; Baby food pouches sugar alert!; What we're reading

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 40/2022)

    05 October 2022

    Glyphosate in school lunches; Decline of global bird species; Impact of vaccines on kids health; Low carb diet & food addiction

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 23/2022)

    09 June 2022

    EFSA stalls CBD novel food approval; New approach to healthy ageing needed; EFSA reviews copper ADI; Merck fights HPV lawsuit; Glyphosate damages gut microbiome; Mosquitoes learn to dodge pesticides; What we're reading

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 26/2022)

    01 July 2022

    UK plans expansion of digital health systems; Regenerative farming improves crops yields; Opposition grows to GE deregulation in UK; Gates expands farming empire; Glyphosate lethal for honeybees

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  • Glyphosate dependency syndrome – a preventable condition

    24 October 2018

    Could ‘agrihacking’ generate viable alternatives to the world’s current number one and highly controversial herbicide?

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 35/2022)

    31 August 2022

    Cholesterol theory debunked; Ultra-processed foods harm mental health; Risk of red meat to health challenged; Food supplements could reduce healthcare costs; Glyphosate linked to brain disease; Herbal supplement blamed for death; Grain giants profiteer from food crisis

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 25/2022)

    23 June 2022

    Are supplements a waste of money?; Vitamin D deficiency increases Alzheimer’s risk; Dr's warn against medicalising menopause; Glyphosate not safe for humans or wildlife; Lack of evidence for most medical treatments; Sustainable Food Trust report; Healthy gut essential; Ring a Ring of satellites

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 22/2022)

    02 June 2022

    Alzheimer's - type 3 diabetes?; UK set to bring in gene edited foods; 5G legal action update; Does thyroid disease affect women's pay?; Ultra-processed foods harm health; Longer breastfeeding improves children's IQ; EU dodges glyphosate ban

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  • ANH News Beat (week 39/2023)

    27 September 2023

    Our weekly roundup of the latest natural and covid news in one place. Read the headlines or click on the links to find out more

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  • ANH News Beat (week 05/2024)

    31 January 2024

    Our weekly roundup of the latest natural and covid news from across the globe in one place. Gene editing, childhood obesity, informed consent, ANH-USA and covid update plus more...

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