Breast Cancer Awareness Month — or National Breast Cancer Awareness month as it’s referred to in the US — is upon us yet again. Running through the month of October, you’ll see a lot of ‘pinkwashing’, but next to nothing on diet and lifestyle prevention strategies to protect women from the most common cause of cancer affecting them.

There is no doubt, breast cancer turns the lives of many upside down. It’s also become very big business. Big Pharma being no exception and jumping on the ‘pinkwashing’ bandwagon with the launch of yet more high cost specialist ‘blockbuster’ drugs that claim to prolong life, but at best, in most cases, by mere months.

The most commonly occurring cancer in women, but increasingly affecting men, breast cancer now accounts for 6.6% of all worldwide cancer deaths.

With over 2 million cases diagnosed globally in 2018, researchers predict that rates are set to keep rising along with the number of deaths. We believe that this is because people are not sufficiently educated on how to take appropriate steps to lessen their potential risks.

If you’re concerned about breast cancer risk and want to empower yourself, here are a few steps:


As it’s #ThrowbackThursday, we’re sharing our previous article on why mammograms don’t work and the thermography cover up to remind you that there are alternative screening options.

Should this really be Breast Cancer ‘Unawareness’ Month?

So many women don’t know that mammography screening may cause more harm than good because the medical establishment is hiding real science

It’s October, the annual roll around of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The emphasis is on early detection and treatment. Makes sense, right? Well, if you’re going to be guided by science – think twice if you’re about to book yourself in for your annual mammogram – it’s likely to do you more harm than good. Read on.


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