ACAM response on Vitamin E Study

25 November 2004

A "meta-analysis" is simply a study of studies that have already been performed. It involves a set of statistically analyses based on manipulations of existing data. Even statisticians outside the vitamin community criticized the study as being too far-reaching in its conclusions that vitamin E might be unsafe.

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How Modern 'Medicine' Killed My Brother

24 November 2004

By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D Earlier this month, I traveled to Monroe, La., to bury my dear older brother, Charles. Charles was not only a wonderful brother, but he was a man with a heart of gold who always put the needs of others and his family before his own.

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ANH paper at ACAM 2004

19 November 2004

Dr Verkerk's paper, submitted at an emergency health freedom meeting at the ACAM conference on 19 November in San Diego, follows.

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Do you recall the recent headlines 'The Deadly Vitamins'?

07 November 2004

Antioxidant supplements, we were recently told and told and told, range from useless to slightly worse than strychnine. While some media outlets merely ran headlines like "Antioxidants Don't Fight Cancer," warned that "Vitamin Supplements May Boost Cancer Risk," while the London Daily Mail's headline blared: "The Deadly Vitamins." I saw NO headlines that weren't along these lines.

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