Beating cancer nature's way

06 January 2004

Read Tony Jackson's heart-felt and inspiring account in the Observer newspaper of how he beat cancer using nutritional therapies including 'high dose' supplementation...

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European Parliament sacrifices homeopathy

17 December 2003

The new European pharmaceuticals legislation now covers homeopathy - and most of the gains made by the homeopathy lobby have been sacrificed in the Compromise Package that was carried earlier today (see ANH Latest News Item 18 December).

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Ghost writers

10 December 2003

The news of ghost writing ny the pharmaceutical industry, broken by two UK newspapers, gets airtime in pharma-friendly Denmark.

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''Drugs do not work...''

08 December 2003

Is this a gaffe - or an attempt by a senior executive of a major pharmaceutical company to steer the industry in a new direction? Is this the dawn and justification for 'tailored drugs'?

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Scott Tips on Codex

05 December 2003

Scott Tips, from the National Health Federation in the US, which works closely with ANH, offers his insightful views on the recent Codex meeting in Bonn.

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