Last week we featured the fruits of our collaboration with 17-year-old Jesse Hawkes. In it you will have seen clips from her conversation with artist, activist and philanthropist, Ruth Westreich of the Westreich Foundation.

Jesse's conversation with Ruth was so illuminating, enlightening, educational and inspirational that we wanted to share the entire 35 minutes with you. Ruth's passion for creating and holding space for such intergenerational conversations about this beautiful planet we inhabit and how closely entwined our health and happiness is with nature, is compelling.

Apart from the wisdom shared by Ruth's deep and wise insights and knowledge amassed over a life spent loving nature, Ruth and Jesse's conversation provides insight into how smoothly and sensitively sceptres can be passed to the next generation. The generation that we are entrusting the future caretaking of both human and planetary health.

Without need for further introduction, please click the video below and enjoy not only what you hear, but also what you see!


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The Enough Movement was birthed and offered to the world from four women who had had enough of what's occurring on this planet.

The Enough Movement takes the deep global sense of frustration and turns it into possibility. It belongs to all of us. Anyone who feels the need to draw a line and begin something new can be part of the solution.

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