What have pet dogs, Angelina Jolie, the WHO and monkey pox got in common?

If you don't already know, you'll find out if you dive into Rob V's newly released, inaugural Substack, Natural Musings.

To whet your appetite, we've extracted one paragraph below, where, we feel, Rob has rather concisely summarised the likely driver behind the World Health Organization's decision 5 days ago to grant, alongside covid-19 and polio, monkeypox Public Health Emergency of International Concern - PHEIC - status. 


"Let’s get real. A WHO-declared Public Health Emergency of International Concern or PHEIC is a carefully contrived passport to creating fast-tracked vaccines and drugs – and piles of money for their makers. It’s a green light to skip arduous clinical safety and efficacy trials, instead making members of the public experimental guinea pigs for pharma’s new tech. A PHEIC also grants pharma companies immunity against damages, that we, the taxpayers pay for, even if the novel gene therapies don’t give us immunity to the target virus and they cause some of us unpredictable and irreparable harms. It doesn’t stop there. A PHEIC also paves the way for more and more gene sequencing, surveillance and control. Looked at through this non-rosy-spectacled-mass-formed hue, there’s not much going for it. Yet it’s going from strength to strength – courtesy of creeping totalitarianism that so many appear to either enthusiastically embrace or just silently accept."


By the way - the dog with Rob in the photo above is not his dog. It was someone else's encountered on a walk in Blackheath close to our office. Rob's dog does however appear on the feature image, in the top left pane.

Click here to read the full article on Substack. 


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