Evidence continues to mount showing that the public was misled over many things that were deemed unquestionable during and after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. This included the origins of SARS-CoV-2, the science behind lockdowns and mask-wearing, and the safety and effectiveness of the key technology advocated by health authorities to manage the ensuing pandemic.

In this climate of eroding trust in authorities, more and more people believe that the virus, SARS-CoV-2, was a hoax. Some argue, following leading 'no virus' protagonists like Stefan Lanka PhD (Germany), Dr Tom Cowan (USA), Drs Sam and Mark Bailey (New Zealand), and Andy Kaufman (USA), that probably all viruses, and even the discipline of virology itself—are illusory, being creations of an industry that makes billions ostensibly to help our bodies cope with imaginary pathogenic viruses.

Differences in viewpoints are becoming increasingly polarising and are dividing even the people who have challenged the mainstream narrative.

To help shed light on these issues, Will Dove approached our founder Rob Verkerk, as a multi-disciplinary scientist, to talk about some of these issues, having read Rob's article on the subject published in August 2022. Since this article was published, more information has emerged, and you can listen to the first part of Will and Rob's 2 hour conversation below.

>>> Read Rob Verkerk PhD’s article, published 31 August 2022. ANH Feature: Does the virus exist? A critical need for resolution

In Part 1, Will and Rob consider both sides of the 'virus' vs 'no virus' debate in an effort to have a balanced and wide-ranging discussion in the hope that viewers and listeners might draw their own conclusions. 

Rob explores the germ vs terrain theory dispute, suggesting the issue isn't just 'either' 'or', being far more complicated and nuanced than often proposed.

They explore a tricky and complex subject with great dexterity and neutrality and find agreement with some of the arguments put forward by the 'no virus' team. 


"Are they a thing? The thing that we see is like looking at the egg of a butterfly. If you only look for the eggs, you won’t see the caterpillar, you won’t see the pupae and you certainly won’t see the Butterfly. We have to use a process driven system to understand function to see what these things are doing. We’re at a very early stage of understanding the complexity, the interaction of these mobile genetic elements and life forms."

- Rob Verkerk PhD


Watch an excerpt of the interview

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