Those of you who’ve followed our work that’s focused on stopping or delaying restrictions by EU regulators on vitamin and mineral doses in supplements and functional foods over the last 15 or so years, may be pleased to know that we’ve launched today a detailed video explaining our new model.

>>> How we helped the Petitions Committee in the European Parliament to delay the European Commission from imposing low maximum levels for vitamin and mineral supplements

>>> How we exposed the flaw of existing EU models

>>> How we helped develop a new way of incorporating benefit into regulatory decision making on micronutrients

The How, What and Why of the MRB Model: the video


The video is the first to be released by our newly established Netherlands-based operation, ANH Europe. The website uses the Deepl translator engine that offers visitors 8 different European languages.

The How, What and Why of the MRB Model: the video (with Dutch subtitles)

>>> If you’d like to find out more about how you can help stop the EU imposing unnecessarily low maximum levels for vitamins and minerals, that will deny many levels that are helpful or therapeutic, please join our free webinar on 11 October at 3.30 pm CET / 2.30 pm BST (you can use World Time Buddy to check your timezone)


>>> Ready to break free from the current narrative? Want to understand more about how people are being coerced and manipulated? Or are you a health professional who would like more tools for your practitioner toolkit? Find out more about our upcoming training day, Behaviour and Communication Magic

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