By Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator

I can’t quite believe that this is the last in this year’s August Acceleration series already, but I’m thrilled to be wrapping up with an interview with the supremely talented, deeply connected and hugely driven, Peter Benson. Peter, who hails from Arizona, is the creator of unique, handmade, divinely guided quantum tools that are designed to assist people in their life’s journey, healing and mission.

My three previous interviews in this series, with Xandra Hawes, Sam Cooper and Erin Burke, are all concerned with different facets of healing and growth for our mind, body and spirit. I invite you now to watch or listen to my interview with Peter where we talk about his specific tools for accelerating and enhancing this process and helping us step into more of our potential.

“These are quantum tools. You have to have your intentions and your mind focused in the right way. If you look at the experiments in the quantum realm, what they're showing is that you can influence the outcome with just your thoughts .” - Peter Benson

Tensor technology was first discovered by John Archibald Wheeler in 1957, the physicist who first coined the phrase 'black hole', and was also one of the physicists on the Manhattan project that created the nuclear bomb. Researcher and bio-alchemist, Slim Spurling (1938-2007), who's credited with creating the tensor field technology that's used today, combined knowledge from ancient civilisations about tensor fields and cubit lengths, and discoveries by John Archibald Wheeler, to create a technology that could be transformational for humanity; with no risk of it being used to damage or harm. Peter explains this process in some detail, revealing how this tensor technology is able to amplify and even create energy. More than that, when tensor technology is paired with crystals, it brings an entirely new dimension of healing and enhancement – including the ability to ‘programme’ tools with specific intentions.

I did promise you a journey deep into the unseen quantum realm at the start of this series. The very nature of something being unseen leaves it wide open to disbelief, derision, vilification and denial. The prevailing paradigm that we’ve lived with in our lifetime is that if you can’t see it or explain it in 3D with your left hemisphere, then it cannot exist. It can only be explained as a myth, a lie, or pseudoscience. Or worse, it's a deliberate, false construct designed to lead people astray. It’s left many intuitives and creatives cast by the wayside, and consigned absolute pearls of creator wisdom to the ‘woo woo’ basket destined to never see the light of day - at least by those viewed as 'rational' by mainstream society.

Yet, the serious science of quantum physics not only exists, but is rapidly emerging as a key field that holds explanations for the how and why of our universe that can't be explained through the still prevalent Newtonian paradigm. Nuclear weapons that exploit subatomic physics, have already caused savage destruction and damage, and have the potential to do much more. But the events of the last 3 years have created a mass awakening in consciousness, and I do really believe that now is the time for us to understand and reclaim more of our natural heritage. A heritage that in many ways has been kept from us, so that we may regain our hidden potential and become the empowered, creator beings that we have always been destined to be. I hope that this series has opened the door a little wider for you and that you have received wisdom to support your own journey.


"The tools work specifically with you. The interesting part is when the crystals and the tensor rings interact with you, you initially feel them, then you understand them. Your body gets used to it [the tensor tool], you connect to it and the tool becomes a part of your energy field. It takes time for your field to really acclimate to the energies, but once you do, it's hard to take it away as you feel it when it's not there. This helps you and your energy field, and it changes the way your energy feels." - Peter Benson

How do I acquire my own Quantum Tools?

Our relationship with Peter, that has allowed us to understand his own mission, and Peter to recognise ours at the vanguard of natural health, has led to ANH International being appointed as the UK and European distributor of Peter's Energies of Service quantum tools. You can find out more about them via Peter's website or by connecting with him directly (see links below), and tensor pendants and/or anklets can be purchased directly from the ANH shop.

UK and European customers will benefit from freight being charged from the UK, rather than from the USA.

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About Peter Benson

Peter’s journey started as a mechanic for over 15 years, reaching the ASE Master Technician certification. It was a fulfilling and rewarding career, but he transitioned to become an engineering technician and to go on to have an impactful career for 20 years.

However, around 2016, Peter experienced a significant shift in his perspectives. That shift led him to read many books, including those by Michael Newton, Brian Wise, and Dolores Cannon, which opened his eyes and his mind to a higher understanding of what it means to be human and why we are here. He understood that all our experiences are part of our higher selves' overall plan to experience and learn. A concept that helped him further his understanding that everything he had experienced in his life had meaning. Nothing had been in vain.

Peter’s path to self-discovery brought him to Slim Spurling's work in the field of tensor technology, which he found compelling as it utilised copper wire to exploit the tensor fields, known to quantum physics, to create energetic and palpable results for people and their surroundings. Slim’s work inspired him to working similarly using his previous experience of working with metal, welding, and understanding attention to detail.

It took Peter several months to recreate the tools Slim created in energetic form. Once Peter got working tools, he started experimenting with them and introduced them to people for feedback. He first experienced how his new tools affected the physical world during a sound bath event. He had given the event coordinator four tensor rings to place underneath each of her crystal bowls. Two days later, the coordinator requested ten additional tensor rings. In her experience, she noticed how profoundly the rings amplified the quality of the bowls' sound and vibration. They enhanced the resonance field of sound and waves, increasing their beneficial effects on those exposed to the accoustic and resonant fields.

From that moment on, Peter continued building tensor rings based on guided and clear downloads received intuitively for bowls, coasters, shower coils, heating coils, intension coils, copper finger rings, and more. He discovered how enjoyable building new copper energy tools truly felt. Most importantly, his joy came from realising the purpose of those tools and creative designs. They support people's balance, energy management, vitality, mental clarity, awakening, and so much more.

Peter has since become an open conduit for divinely guided quantum designs from the Archangels and Ascended Masters, and a creator for these unique tools. His overarching aim is to assist people in ascending to their next level of conscious awakening and his charter in this life is to create unique energy tools and educate people about their virtues and benefits.

Peter is married to galactic healer, Viviane Chauvet, and is the father of three wonderful children.

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