By Meleni Aldridge, executive coordinator

Let me start by asking you a question. When the world goes topsy turvy and it feels like you’re trying to balance on quicksand, where are the handholds and what do you do to find your way back to solid ground?

This is what it felt like 3 years ago when life as we knew it came to a grinding halt and nothing seemed the same anymore. Fear and panic became dominant emotions, ably assisted and abetted by the mainstream narrative cascading through the media every day. In turn, ably assisted and abetted by the global behavioural insights team who were tasked by those in power to deploy unethical psychological techniques on an unsuspecting public. It was out and out emotional manipulation to keep people deeply mired in fear to ensure compliance. Compliance with anything coming down the mainstream pipeline. The thinking being that broken and frightened people on the edge of survival are easy to control because they are desperate and looking for handholds – and saviours. Although the 'saviour-searching' programme is often so deep seated, it's unconscious.

Whilst many around the world chose to comply, many also didn’t. In so doing, the ‘non-conformers’, exercised their sovereign rights, made different choices, followed new compass headings and began to navigate the new world in a completely different way. Unknowingly, in those early days, the ‘non-conformers’ were laying the foundations to reclaim more of themselves, to know and to hold their inherent power, to understand what sovereignty means at the deepest levels, and to remember that much of their true potential lies outside of the physical realm. Neither have been easy paths to traverse.

But before we move on, did you have an answer to the question I asked at the beginning?

My answer is a simple one. Turn your focus within and connect through your heart to your inner self – something that so many have felt called to do since the world turned upside down in 2020. As a result, we’ve seen an exponential wave of rising consciousness, the growth of a dedicated movement of heart-led people and communities working towards positive change and a deepening connection between people, Nature and all the sentient life forms that inhabit this planet.

Amongst the challenge, pain, hardship and overwhelm all around us, there now exists a palpable new matrix of love, hope, happiness, connection and light. It’s right there for all of us to tap into and as we do, it continues to grow and expand, embracing our beautiful Earth and all those on and within her. But that’s just it – we access this nourishing vein by tapping into it — by going within — and despite our deep programming, not by looking outside of ourselves for something or someone to save us.

Welcome to August Acceleration 2023 – series overview

Recalibrating our focus

Those of us here now, were all born into a prevailing paradigm that worked exceptionally hard to ensure we ardently believed that not much existed outside of the physical realm that the able bodied can readily see, touch, hear and experience. That we are alone in the universe with space expeditions spending billions searching for life on other planets and that humans are the super intelligent species that rightfully should dominate, including over Nature. If you forayed into the realms of the fey, the esoteric or the metaphysical, you risked ridicule and rejection. In times gone by, you even risked being tortured or burned at the stake.

From arrival to exit in this life, our focus is incessantly pulled outwards by the demands of life, time and latterly, digital tech and voracious consumerism. Our education system awards external success that can be seen and evidenced. Our health industry is entirely focused on the flesh and blood aspect of the human body and struggles to cope in the face of rising mental health problems – you can’t see or touch those pains. Success in the developed world is measured more by tangible achievements, money and status, than intangibles like love, integrity, honesty and kindness, let alone such vagaries as psychic or healing abilities, telepathy or energetic sensitivity.

We are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers, to rely on others instead of ourselves, to stuff our emotions where they can’t be seen, heard or felt, and to trust the judgement of those in authority to ‘know’ what’s best for us far better than we do. It’s a sorry state of affairs, bottom of the barrel stuff, that took what’s happened in the last three years to wake so many from the stupor. You might even flirt with the notion that it’s all been meant, as this is the right time for humanity to free itself from the slavery of the conditioning we’ve lived under and reclaim our sovereign heritage.

A heritage where we can finally stop the incessant, often unconscious, saviour-searching and connect to the ever-present, reliable, saviour within. Spoiler alert. We are our own saviour, our own knowledge-keeper and, through our feelings, our own navigation system. There is so much more to us than flesh and blood. It’s not a surprise that the human genome project took 13 years, thousands of researchers and nearly $3 billion USD to declare that 98% of our DNA was junk because only 2% deals with encoding proteins. There’s nothing junk in our DNA. Those researchers only saw what they could through the lens of the current science. We’re just more quantum than we’ve been allowed to know.

Reclaiming our potential

For those of you who may be new to our work, we started the August Acceleration series back in 2021 to support the deep longing being expressed by so many in our community to respond to an inner calling to connect deeper with themselves. Also, because we too were answering the same call and navigating the new. The series runs annually, in August and is a self-development track that may or may not resonate with you. We leave it to your discretion whether you feel called to dive in and imbibe — or skip it for our other content, of which there is plenty.

By way of background, it was evident 3 years ago, that after the initial shock had worn off and people had settled into the new version of the world we were dealing with, that an expansion of consciousness was taking place. The strength and fortitude that has brought us through the last three years has been honed by going within and ‘cleaning house’. Feeling instead of fearing, listening to the still voice within instead of pushing it away, moving the locus of control from head to heart and connecting more deeply and consistently to Nature, loved ones and strangers alike.

Far from being an act of selfishness, I find that going within becomes more an act of selflessness because as you approach yourself with more kindness, love and compassion, so too do you face the world with these qualities. More than that, you are drawn to be of service to others as you hear the whisperings of your heart more clearly and allow yourself to trust its compass heading. We live in a magnetic universe so you draw to you more of what you broadcast - as you sow, so shall you reap. It's why human beings are such powerful co-creators.

In 2021 we kicked off with the theme of Skills, Strategies and Sovereignty, in 2022 we dove further inward with Conscious Coherence and this year, in 2023, we take a giant leap into the quantum realms, where so much of us resides, in the unseen, to Reclaim Our Potential.

Whether you are enjoying some summer downtime, or journeying through the depths of winter, I hope that the wisdom imparted from the very special line up of guest interviews this month, accelerates your journey to reclaiming more of your potential. I'm leaving the names of my guests, and the content they’re sharing, a gift to be unwrapped weekly as we release each episode through the month of August!

You won’t want to miss Episode One on 9th August 2023 — and weekly thereafter until the end of August.


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