The WHO's World Health Assembly meeting is in full swing this week.

Country representatives from health ministries around the world arrived in Geneva for the start of the meeting on Sunday 22nd May, 2022. This is the first fully in-person assembly in 2 years, where the decision-making body for the WHO's 194 members will seek to shape how the world attempts to apply lessons from the last 2 years to any future 'international health emergency'. The Pandemic Treaty is likely the biggest power grab seen in history as it would denude nations of their sovereignty, hand discretionary powers to the WHO over what constitutes an international health emergency, and fast-track us to the netherworld of centralised, global governance.

Hot off the press!

At the Better Way Conference, holistic dentist, Dr Zac Cox from the World Doctors Alliance, reported that in response to their request for a judicial review in the high court challenging the UK government on the Pandemic Treaty, and subsequent application to the appeal court on Friday 20th May, an email from the government's lawyer on behalf of the Secretary of State has offered a ray of hope. Despite the appeal being thrown out on the grounds of it having no merit, apparently, 12 of the 13 amendments will not be heard because they're off the table as the working group was "unable to reach consensus". 

Given how recent this news is and that it was conveyed in a private letter, we await official confirmation, or otherwise. Yet on Monday 23rd May, Reuters has reported what is on and off the table for the agenda of the WHO Assembly this week. According to Reuters, the “...the focus will be on a US-led effort to expedite the application of future reforms from 24 months to 12 months... Negotiations on other proposed changes will take place later amid initial opposition from some members”. It appears that "Most of the IHR reform negotiations will take place in the two years following the meeting".

If correct, this certainly buys us more time to make our voices heard. We certainly know that Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, has declared his country will not sign onto the WHO's Pandemic Treaty, assuring that his country will not surrender its sovereignty to the globalist institution. That sovereign decision is something worth celebrating, in our view.

#StopTheTreaty #StopTheWho

US reporter, James Roguski, has written 5 articles on the Pandemic Treaty and its ramifications, amidst tireless campaigning. His current reporting of the World Health Assembly meeting which is being livestreamed is here. In his latest article he implores us all to not slack off now and to keep the heat turned up.

For a more academic treatise, you can't go wrong in reading the writings of ex-consultant to the IHR Secretariat, Dr Silvia Behrendt, currently director of the Global Health Responsibility Agency (CHRA).

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>>> About the WHO ‘pandemic treaty’ [Dr Silvia Behrendt and Dr Amrei Müller.


Active petitions

US -, also for US citizens is the Action Alert from Children's Health Defense below the video describing how the proposed International Health Regulations would give the WHO the powers of a global government around any pandemic - real or created

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If your country isn't listed, please search online for any relevant petitions. 

We must not relinquish our sovereignty, which has been hard won by our forefathers.



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