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Those of you in more southern climes will have to forgive us banging on about the summer. We don’t see much of the sun over here and when it does appear, we do tend to indulge.

Wherever you are in the world, holidays mean a time to rest, relax, reboot and rebalance. Me-time and family-time on steroids! Because whole body health and resilience is a central tenet of our Blueprint for health system sustainability, we’ve developed a way to depict and describe it through 12, distinct yet connected, domains of health. We call this the ‘Ecological Terrain’. And when all your 12 domains are balanced and functioning optimally in your own personal Ecological Terrain, you will truly know resilient health.

We thought we’d take the opportunity to bring your Ecological Terrain to life with the latest video in our Health Hacks series. Twelve simple, practical, tips for a whole body reboot this holiday!


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