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Standing in a line at passport control in Heathrow airport as I returned from the Better Way conference in Vienna, I unwittingly encroached on the invisible one metre zone of the masked woman in front of me. Eyes wide with fear, the lady issued a muffled command in effort to make me step back. I heeded, thinking to myself: here was another victim of the psychological and emotional trauma inflicted on so many over the last 3 years. Another statistic in the new sub-category of PTSD sufferers associated with the covid-19 crisis. The only UK charity dedicated to PTSD, PTSD UK, has already projected there will be a surge in cases linked to the crisis. One wonders how many of these could be avoided if the public hadn’t been so deliberately manipulated as part of the global control agenda.  

Witnessing the loss of your loved ones is always traumatic. But we have to get some perspective on covid - and move beyond covid. Just as most of us have moved on from being obsessed about the common cold or flu. People haven’t been dying in larger than expected numbers from covid-19 or any other respiratory disease for some time. In fact, other than a few mortality blips during the initial infection waves of SARS-CoV-2 in 2020 when we saw compressed, “dry tinder” mortality of the elderly in some countries, and inappropriate and often lethal mechanical ventilation in others, excess mortality has barely been an issue. That is, until now – when it’s rising – and definitely not because of any virus.

For now, there is no killer virus out there that anyone can point to, although we can’t discount it’s return in a new mutational, more virulent form. In a best case scenario, with covid-19 being rendered no more serious than a common cold, we must still face the legacy of the last 3 years. Among the laundry list of things we now need to do, will be addressing the extensive covid-related PTSD and learning how to communicate in a world that is deeply polarised, fragmented and faces heavy censorship based on the wholly unjustified redefinition of the term “medical misinformation”. Try expressing on Facebook or Twitter the view that mass vaccination may be contributing to excess mortality or the rise in deaths among elite athletes, and you’ll know what I mean...


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