The draconian restrictions imposed upon citizens in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic has plunged vast numbers of adults and children into an emotional crisis that isn't of their making. The physiological effects arising from the social, economic, medical and moral impacts are likely to be long-lasting, even permanent if specific actions aren't undertaken to recognise and restore health resilience.

Join integrative medicine practitioner and ANH-Intl's executive coordinator, Meleni Aldridge, as she discusses this critical issue with certified functional medicine practitioner, Leonie Ash.

Leonie is certified with the Institute for Functional Medicine. She’s been a nutritional therapist since the mid 90’s and specialises in stress and trauma-related conditions. Her journey has taken her through many different modalities and disciplines, but she now focuses on Human Givens, a bio-psycho-social approach to counselling and psychotherapy, and functional medicine. Like many successful health professionals, Leonie’s experience is informed from her own personal journey out of early childhood trauma and it's upstream health impacts.

Last year Leonie won the coveted Delegate's Choice Poster award at the Institute for Functional Medicine's 2019 Annual Conference for her work showing how to break the triad of physical, mental-emotional and social ill health arising out of childhood trauma.

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