'Project Fear'

With 'Project Fear' still very much in full swing and revving up to ensure vaccine targets are met in 2021, it's easy to understand why so many who authorities may have previously described as 'hesitants' are capitulating - out of weariness. It's a condition that's increasingly being referred to as 'pandemic fatigue'. It's another term to add to the dictionary, along with 'lockdown', 'new normal' and 'anti-masker'.

But 'Project Fear' is a carefully considered strategy with a potentially subversive agenda. It's strategically being led by behavioural psychologists, and the agenda is to convert a heterogenous, free-thinking public into a homogenous, submissive public, one that will do as its told. A prerequisite for exploiting our biological response to fear is to systematically remove pre-existing fundamental rights such as freedom of movement, freedom of speech, the right to respect for private and family life, the right to peaceful protest and medical freedom.

Loss of autonomy: a patient's story

Under emergency pandemic laws, we are rapidly losing autonomy over our bodies. That was brought home forcibly this week when we were sent a private video of a British family attempting to get their elderly, loved one out of an NHS hospital where he was being treated for covid-19.

In the video, we saw the patient (clearly aware and lucid) demanding to be released to go home where the family had carefully organised to have supplementary oxygen, as well as ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc waiting for him. The family had been to court and had with them an appointed McKenzie Friend, replete with the relevant legal documents, and they all echoed the patient's desire to be allowed to return to his home. He was denied release, the McKenzie's Friend and family were thrown out by security, the police were called and we believe the patient is now on a ventilator - the very outcome he made clear he did not want. Yes, patient autonomy with a gaggle of other rights - thrown to the wind.

At times like these we're all living through we need to pause, to reflect and dare we say — reset? Not the kind of reset alluded to by the now infamous World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" (have you ever looked at the sheer weight of negative comments under any of its videos?) But the other kinds of positive reset — like metabolic and immunologic resets, environmental reset and the 'Great Awakening Reset'. Contrary to 'Project Fear', these resets empower us, allow us to remember our sovereignty and that we, as individuals, still have the ability, and the right, to self-care our way to creating better health. Yes, be autonomous.

If enough of us can do this for ourselves and our families, as well as to inspire our nearest and dearest, we stand the best chance of staying well, happy, whole and united.

Two part podcast with Dr Ron

This week, Rob Verkerk PhD and Meleni Aldridge talked to New York-based, integrative medical doctor, renowned author and host of the popular, nationally-syndicated radio programme, Intelligent Medicine, Dr Ronald Hoffman, also a board member of ANH-USA. You will hear the reset theme mentioned more than once, particularly that of immune and metabolic reset, the need for which the events of the last year have thrown into sharp focus.

Tune in via the links below to hear in two parts, Dr Hoffman, Rob and Mel's perspectives on the pandemic: Is the UK being hit particularly hard? Are there flaws in testing procedures which may exaggerate the extent of the pandemic? Are the draconian lockdowns justified? Why have advanced Western countries proven so vulnerable? Is there a link between diet and susceptibility to bad COVID-19 outcomes? Are effective low-cost strategies being superseded by pricey, high-tech drugs? Is censorship suppressing critical evaluation of vaccine safety and effectiveness?


Dr Ronald Hoffman MD
- integrative medicine physician
- author
- founder of the Hoffman Center in New York City and
- host of the podcast, Intelligent Medicine.


Dr Ronald Hoffman's Intelligent Medicine Podcast: An Immune Reset, Part 1 and Part 2


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