Joanna is 27-years-old and has a history of lupus. She heard reports on the news that said covid vaccines might induce a severe, potentially life-threatening autoimmune adverse reaction that was never revealed in the Phase 3 trials before emergency authorisation of the experimental covid vaccines was granted. They called the autoimmune reaction VITT - and she remembered that it was agreed by most scientists that this condition was induced by the new covid vaccines 

As Joanna is considered vulnerable, she was offered the covid vaccine much earlier than her healthy peers. But she was concerned about triggering a flare up - so she was, and remains, hesitant. She now faces an impossible choice. The university at which she plans to enrol in September has said it won't accept students who aren't vaccinated.

This decision by an academic institution will substantially affect Joanna's right to education. Joanna worries that she will face being stigmatised by her friends if she's not been vaccinated. She also worries that she won't be able to travel or go to cinemas or theatres unless she's vaccinated. This places Joanna under a lot of additional stress that could seriously aggravate her underlying condition.

This form of discrimination by institutions, private companies and sometimes government authorities contravenes human rights law in most countries. Our Right to kNOw campaign aims to prevent such discrimination going forward.

There is emerging evidence that blood clots (thrombosis) and low platelet counts (cytopenia) are occurring in some people following covid vaccination. The autoimmune adverse reaction known as vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia or VITT- that affects mainly younger women - is brought into sharp focus why people with autoimmune backgrounds might be hesitant over covid vaccination.

We have launched today our ‘Right to kNOw’ campaign, along with our colleagues at ANH-USA, that calls for an end to discriminatory practices by institutions, private companies and governments which threaten the safety and personal autonomy of the hundreds of millions of individuals suffering from one or more of the 80-plus autoimmune diseases.

To launch the campaign we have:

  • A 30-page white paper that provides the medical scientific and legal justifications for why those with autoimmune backgrounds shouldn't have to accept restrictions to their rights and liberties, as compared with their vaccinated counterparts (free to ANH-Intl members, nominal purchase charge for non-members)
  • An executive summary of the above (free to everyone)
  • A press release that has been sent out to the mainstream and alternative press internationally
  • A campaign launch video
  • 6 campaign asks

>>> Check out all of this and more on our brand new Right to kNOw campaign page - and please Act NOW!


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