On 13 May 2021, we at ANH-Intl launched with our colleagues at the Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA), this international 'Right to kNOw' campaign that aims to end discrimination against those with autoimmune disease who have yet to be vaccinated with the next-generation, experimental covid vaccines.

This campaign has been spurred by increasing evidence of autoimmune-related side effects that include blood clots and low platelet counts - that affect younger people in particular following vaccination with the the new covid vaccines. 

The ‘Right to kNOw’ campaign calls for an end to discriminatory practices by institutions, private companies and governments which threaten the safety and personal autonomy of the hundreds of millions of individuals suffering from one or more of the 80-plus autoimmune diseases. 


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What are the aims of the campaign?

The campaign aims to stop...

  • institutions, such as schools and universities
  • private companies, such as travel operators, and sports and entertainment venues, and,
  • governments or government authorities

         ...from imposing restrictions on the rights and freedoms of individuals who have made a decision, amid high levels of scientific uncertainty, to hesitate or not consent to receiving covid vaccines.   

Vaccination status should not be used as the basis to extend differing human rights and liberties to individuals. Nor should those who choose not to be vaccinated for medical reasons be stigmatised.

The 'Right to kNOw' campaign is underpinned by a detailed White Paper that was published on the day of the campaign launch (13 May 2021), entitled ‘Covid-19 vaccination and the autoimmune: The scientific, medical and legal case for non-discrimination’. The 30-page document was co-authored by Robert Verkerk PhD (ANH-Intl/ANH-USA), Jeanne Drisko MD (ANH-USA) and Ron Hoffman MD (ANH-USA).

>>> Read Press Release

>>> Read Executive Summary 

>>> Purchase White Paper for a nominal fee (£3.50 / $4.90)



>>> ANH-Intl members can download the white paper free of charge. Solo membership is equivalent to just one cup of coffee or herbal tea in a café per month! Membership also available for health practitioners, communities (groups of 10 or more) and companies.

How you can support the campaign

  • Expose the 'bad' guys! Email us at [email protected] (subject: anti-discrimination campaign) if you have evidence that an institution, private company or government authority has limited the the rights or freedoms of individuals who believe they have medical reason, such as an autoimmune risk profile, for not consenting to Covid vaccination
  • Acknowledge the 'good' guys! Email us at [email protected] (subject: anti-discrimination campaign) with evidence that an institution, private company or government authority has expressly indicated that it will not differentiate between individuals according to covid vaccination status
  • Become an autoimmune champion. If you have an autoimmune disease or history, and you are hesitant over being vaccinated, please email us at [email protected] (subject: anti-discrimination campaign) so we can make contact with you. We are building video material and compiling articles that express a wide range of opinions on this complex issue that is laden with uncertainty
  • The suspected vaccine injured, please speak up. If you have an autoimmune profile and you think your condition has been worsened since you were vaccinated, please email email us at [email protected] (subject: anti-discrimination campaign) so we can make contact with you. We are building a database of people with autoimmune backgrounds who suspect they may have been adversely harmed by covid vaccines
  • Share the campaign launch video. Please send the link to our campaign video out widely. Note that it's on Brighteon, as most platforms are currently censoring any content that points to health risks associated with covid vaccines.
  • Donate to our Right to kNOw campaign now. We have a very ambitious plan for this campaign with our colleagues at ANH-USA. We will be rolling out new campaign collateral regularly, are undertaking continuous extensive research, are preparing papers for submission to peer reviewed journals - and much more. A donation of any amount you can afford - or your membership of ANH-Intl - will significantly help what we are able to do to make a difference.

    Let's work together to help narrow the inequities that the covid pandemic has forced upon us! 

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